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How to Save Money as a Single Parent

In the vicious cycle of headlessly earning and spending in this consumerist society, everyone tries to save as much as they can. Even families with both parents have difficulties keeping track of their money, let alone single parents. We know it can be overwhelming and exhausting to take care of ...

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Ways to Save Money on a Summer Vacation

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We’re all going on a summer holiday! With peak summer holiday and travel season upon us, it is perhaps time to begin thinking about money-saving opportunities that will give you more money to splurge at your destination. The major part of a holiday’s price tag, is always related to travel ...

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Money Savings Tips – Travel

Travel costs can cost you dearly! The major part of a vacation’s price tag is related to transportation costs. There is the matter of plane tickets, car rental, and paid tours, none of which comes cheaply. Of course, this is excluding accommodation charges which can also be steep. But travel ...

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How to Automate Your Monthly Saving

I hate to have to ask, but you are saving and investing aren’t you?  If you are, more power to you!  If you are not, today is the day to get started!  An automatic saving and investing strategy is critical to building long term wealth. Even with the best of ...

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