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Choice Freedom Gold Card Review – Legit or Scam ?

Today is a good day to apply for the Choice Freedom Gold Card.

If you meet the very minimal requirements you won’t be turned down for this shopping card.

Even with bad or no credit, the Choice Freedom card lets you start shopping now while paying later.

Great for building your credit rating up!

Choice Unlimited Credit Card Offer

You’ll get a response within 30 seconds!

Upon approval, you will be given the minimum credit limit. Then you will also have the option to request that the limit gets raised later on if you wish to do so.

This is one of the best shopping cards we’ve seen – it has absolutely no APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and the small monthly payment requirements make it affordable to use regularly.

What is the Choice Freedom Gold Card Member Benefits Package?

After you apply and you are given a credit line with this particular card, you’ll also be the recipient of several benefits offered specifically to their members. The membership benefits package is included with their card at no extra cost.

Some of the member’s only benefits include discounts for select:

  • Dentists,
  • Eye Doctors,
  • Aesthetics,
  • Hearing Specialists,
  • Legal Services, and,
  • Roadside Assistance services.

You also don’t have to worry about paying on time each month because you can link your payments to your bank card for simplicity purposes. Plus, the card’s monthly membership fee is only £14.95.

Once you apply for the Gold Card and you are approved, you will be guaranteed a credit limit of at least £500. This credit line is unsecured and you can conveniently shop in their online store using the card to make your purchases. There is also no interest which is a major benefit to having this particular Gold card.

This card is not affiliated with other cards like Visa or Mastercard and it’s not a pre-paid card or a debit card.  It is a special type of card that you can use to shop at the issuer’s online store. You do not have to make any type of deposit; and there is no upfront payment required to make purchases.

It Works Great for Rebuilding Your Credit!

If you are trying to rebuild or establish your credit reputation the Choice Freedom Gold Card is possibly the perfect solution. Choice Freedom does not guarantee that they will help you rebuild your credit. But what they will do is once they know you are really who you say you are, they will report your account to at least one of the major credit agencies.

You just have to give them something to work with. In other words, make purchases in their online store and keep it within your line of credit. Then make your payments on time every month. This can end up being positively reflected to the credit agencies. It can take as long as 2 months for payment activity to show up on your credit reports.

What can you buy at their online store?

The card can be used at the online store for making purchases. There are a lot of different types of items in the store such as:

  • Items for Women like clothes, jewelry, footwear and beauty supplies,
  • Items for Men like accessories and footwear,
  • Entertainment Items like DVDs, books, electronics, and video games,
  • Items for your home: luggage, tools, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen accessories,
  • Toys and games, and,
  • Seasonal items for major holidays.

Is there anything to dislike about the Choice Freedom Gold Card?

The only negatives are some of the fees with the card once you open an account. Membership fees are a little high. The card comes with a card maintenance fee of £14.95 each month. However, this fee is waived for an active benefit account. There is also an activation fee when the card is issued. But there is no interest whatsoever on any purchases or balances that you carry on the card.  The fact that there is no interest offsets the minimal fees that are charged.

Why you should apply for the Choice Freedom Card

If you are having a difficult time obtaining a credit card and your applications are denied because of your credit history you should apply for this card. You have to be 18 and be able to validate that you have a way to make the reasonable payments. It can be a wonderful way to reestablish your credit. You won’t be denied this credit line. There is no credit check and your employment is not verified either. The application process is done entirely on line and takes just a few minutes. It’s quick and easy to get started with your own card.

Are you ready to get started rebuilding your credit?

Take a few minutes and for apply for the Choice Freedom Gold Card today!

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