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Elite Personal Finance Surveys 2018

Welcome to ElitePersonalFinance Surveys!

Please spend 10 minutes on completing them. We are interested in knowing your answers and understanding how to improve our website and help you make better financial decisions. Our surveys are a little bit different than others. Instead of asking you to complete long surveys, we make them super easy for you. You can answer only the surveys that you are interested in. In addition, we will not close them. We will always monitor your opinion and how it changes in time.

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Basis Questions About Identity Theft

Do You Know What is Identity Theft?
    How Worried You That Identity Theft Will Happen To You?
      How Many Time Have You Spend Online Learning About Identity Theft?
        Do You Have Some Of These:
          Do You Understand How The Next Crimes Works? I Understand How Works:
            Which Is The Most Secure Way To Prevent Identity Theft?
            Is There a Way to Prevent Identity Theft 100% ?

            Identity Theft Protection Questions

            Are You Protected with Your Identity Theft Plan?
              Do You Understand How Identity Theft Protection Services Work?
                Free vs Paid Identity Theft Protection Plan?
                  What Are You Top 3 Reason, You Use Identity Theft Protection Plan?
                  Vote for You Best Identity Theft Protection !
                  What Else Would You Want to Be Included in Your Identity Theft Protection Plan? - ElitePersonalFinance Will Let Them About Your Request!!!

                  Please Answer These Questions ONLY If You’ve Been a Victim of Identity Theft

                  What Type Of Identity Theft Has Happen To You?
                  The Person Who Stole My Identity Theft
                    Did You Believe That This Person Could Do This To You?
                      After Complaining About Your Case, Do You Believe That Laws in US and Organizations Responsible For Your Case Work Fine?
                      The Identity Theft Happen To Child?
                        Were You Sure What Steps To Take After identity Theft Happen to You?
                          Who Helped You The Most In Your Identity Theft Recovery?
                          How Much Money Have You Lost After Identity Theft?
                            What Steps Did You Take After Identity Theft Happen To You?
                            What You Want To Say To The Person Who Steal Your Identity?
                            What Would Save You From Identity Theft, If You Had It Before?
                            After You Understand That Identity Theft Happen To You
                              Did You Do Some Of These Things?
                              What Are Top 3 Things You'd Recommend For People Who Don't Care About Identity Theft?
                              In How Many Time Did You Discovered The Crime?
                                In How Many Time Did You Resolve The Problem?
                                  How Did You Understand About Identity Theft Case?
                                  What Happen With Your Credit Score?
                                    What Other Problems Have You After Identity Theft?
                                    How Much Fees About Recover From Identity Theft have You Spend?