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What is Deluxe Gold Card, Let’s Review it, is it Scam or Legit?

So you’ve been turned down by several credit cards who made their determination based only on your credit score. They didn’t take into account that you’d just recently changed jobs, went through a tough time and are in the process of rebuilding your life. They took one look at your credit score and dropped you like a hot potato.  Sounds like it’s the perfect time to apply for the Deluxe Gold Card.


The Good Points of the Deluxe Gold Card

There are a lot of really good points for the Deluxe Gold Card, especially if you are not real sure about your credit score; or if you are pretty sure it’s not too great of a score. The Deluxe Gold Card will not hold your credit score against you like other cards tend to do. They will not use just your credit history to determine if you will get a card or not. You should not worry about your credit score or credit history so apply today.

Another really good point is that it is the perfect no cost way to rebuild, establish or reestablish your credit. So even if your credit score is less than perfect, you can use the Deluxe Gold Card to make regular payments over a year to help create a solid, good payment record. This can help improve your credit score. How would you like to improve your credit score? Applying for the Deluxe Gold Card can be the perfect solution for helping you turn it all around.

After the refunds you will not have to pay anything to use the card. There is no interest as long as you make all your minimum payments on time and pay the card off in 12 months. The monthly payments are a very reasonable amount. There are no fixed charges, as the membership dues are refunded each month as well.

You also have the option of withdrawing from the agreement within 14 days. As long as you do not have an outstanding balance, even the application fee will be refunded to you. This just speaks of the legitimacy and honesty of the card issuer; but there is really nothing to dislike about this alternative card.

Once you get approved and receive your line of credit you can shop in the exclusive Deluxe Catalogue. You can shop for a variety of items and you will be given plenty of offers including free items, mobile contracts, and a variety of special financial offers.

Initially you’ll be given a specific line of credit to be spent at the online catalogue store. The credit line typically ranges from £250 to £2500. In many instances individuals are offered a £500 credit line to start with. The agreement lasts for 12 months and your credit trustworthiness will not be based solely on your past credit history.


The Bad Points of the Deluxe Gold Card

There really are not a lot of bad things about the Deluxe Gold Card. There are two different types of fees, but these are both refunded to you later on so it’s not actually an expense. There is an application fee of £34.95 to apply for the card initially. However, this is refunded back into your account and then you can use it to make purchases.

There is also a monthly membership fee of £9.95. It is also refunded back to the consumer each and every month. There is also not an APR (annual percentage rate) charged on your balance. This means that the card has an APR of exactly 0%.

The other feature that could be a problem for some people is that you can carry a balance for only 12 months. While you are using the card, you have to make a minimum payment every month in order to avoid the extra charges. However, as long as you make the payments each month and pay it off in the year plan then you will not incur any charges during that time.

It’s safe, easy and quick to apply for the Deluxe Gold Card, so fill out your application today and get started building a good credit history.

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  1. Ms Tracey Janette

    Hi, I applied for the Gold deluxe card a little while ago and my application was approved/ But, as yet, I have not been able to access the Deluxe catalogue to appreciate it. I trust that you will advise and assist appropriately, Thank you, Tracey Janette

    • elitepersonalfin

      Hello, what actually you can’t access? They have to send you a link to this. Let me know. I also would suggest that you ask them. Thanks.

  2. Hi I applied for the gold card a while back but although they took a payment upfront they have not been taking 9.99 per month . Also when I apply for items it says I need to pay nearly half of what it costs upfront ? I don’t understand it says I had been given £2500 so why can’t I order anything thankyou

    • elitepersonalfin

      Hey Lisa,

      Mind sharing your specific experience with them for all of us? We have seen a lot of complaints relating to how they market their card recently. But have you been outright ripped off in any way?

  3. I applied for a card quite a while ago. i was successful and received my card number but have always found it difficult to get into the catalogue to see what offers there are, or even to purchase anything. I have no record of my application fee being refunded.

  4. It’s a SCAM.

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