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Yes Card Review – Is This No Credit Check Card for You?

Are you worried about what might be on your credit report? Do you wonder if that missed car payment may keep you from getting a credit card? If you get a Yes Card right now, they will not judge you solely on your past credit history and your credit score. The card issuers understand that everyone hits bumps in the road from now and then. Life is not perfect and your credit score doesn’t have to be either to apply for the Yes Card.

Reasons to Get a Yes Card

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to apply for the Yes Card. First of all, they will consider you no matter what your credit card score is. Many cards turn you down based solely on credit scores, the Yes Card will not do that. Secondly, how are you going to build your credit or improve that rating if you can’t get a card? The Yes Card believes in second chances and offers you a great new way to rebuild or establish your credit. All of the monthly payment information is sent to the appropriate agencies so when you maintain a good payment record, you can improve your credit score. Besides these two great assets other reasons to get the Yes Card include:

  • Fast Application Process
  • Secure Application Process
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • No Interest on Purchases
  • APR only 15.11%
  • Possible Credit Line up to £2500

These are some excellent reasons to sign up today.

What do they mean by “magazine card”?

The Yes Card allows members to shop in their catalogue. You are allowed to shop, purchase the items you want and then make manageable monthly payments to pay off the debt. This is what helps improve credit scores since your paying patterns are sent to the credit agencies. As soon as you apply for the Yes Card and are approved then you will have access to a member’s only catalogue. One you have this access you will have a variety of benefits available to you. You will be able to take advantage of things like:

  • Finance offers
  • Money saving offers
  • Car loan offers
  • Mobile offers
  • Purchase protection for mobile devices
  • Purchase protection for roadside incidents
  • Credit line to use exclusively on the shopping site

This is very helpful for those who need to rebuild or establish their credit.

What can I purchase with the Yes Card credit line?

You can shop for a variety of items in the catalogue store. You’ll also get tons of valuable offers that are optional but you can buy them is you’d like. The Yes Card shopping club has a lot of different products to choose from such as appliances, electrical items, home furnishings, homeware items, jewelry, patio and outdoor supplies and tools. This is a very wide product line available for those who qualify for the Yes Card!

Are there any fees with the Yes Card?

Yes, there are some minor fees associated with the Yes Card! There is an application fee of £29.95 but it is credited back to your account once you are accepted. Once the application fee is waived, it is applied back to the card and is available to use for other purchases. There is also a monthly membership fee of £14.95. However, they also credit this back to the member’s account at the end of the month so it basically comes out to nothing as long as you use the credit line. You are only charged the monthly fee if you carry a balance on the card. When you have a balance on the card, you are charged either the 12.5 or 15% of your balance, whichever of the two is the larger.

How much will my credit line be?

Once you get approved for the Yes Card you will be given a credit limit. The company will set the beginning limit at approximately £2500. As soon as you get the notice of your acceptance and credit limit, you can start shopping at their recognized retail partners. You will be told each month what your payment is to be but your minimum amount is either 12.5% of your balance or £25, whichever is the greater amount. This makes it easy to keep your payments at a manageable and predictable amount.

Seriously, APR is 0%?

Yes you read that right. The APR, or Annual Percentage Rate is 0%. This remains in effect as long as you make the payments every month for 12 months and there is no remaining balance at the end of the year. The application fee is £29.95 but it is credited back to you once you are approved. The monthly membership fee of is also credited back to your account each month. So if you start out with a credit line of £800, use it and pay it off over the 12 month time period you will pay only the £800 and no interest. Therefore the APR you pay over the whole year is 0%.

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  3. Good question.Anytime you fill out onilne information you are at risk. One bad employee in a company can ruin your credit.If anyone asks for your SS# while shopping for insurance, just tell then NO THANKS. They want to run your credit report (which has nothing to do with driving)Call my source below. They don’t run your credit report.

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