Best Personal Loans for Good and Bad Credit in California of February 2024

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If you are a resident of California, there are several excellent options for finding the best personal loans. Online lenders, banks, and credit unions offer competitive rates and terms on installment loans in California, making it easy for borrowers to find the perfect personal loan for their needs. The best personal loans in California offer loans between $100 and $100,000 with APRs ranging from 5.99% to 36% and terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. In addition, the best personal loans in California require a minimum credit score of at least 300, making them accessible to many borrowers. Without further ado, here are the best personal loans in California, why we chose them, and their pros. & cons., eligibility criteria, and what they are best for.

Best Personal Lenders in California of February 2024

Lender:Loan Amount:APR:Min. Credit Score:Terms:Best for:
SoFi$5,000 – $100,0007.99-19.39%68024 – 72 monthsNo-fee personal loans
ZippyLoan$100 – $15,0007.04% – 35.89%06 – 72 monthsBad or no credit
Upstart$1,000 – $50,0004.6% – 35.99%30036 – 60 monthsShort and long-term personal loans
Upgrade$1,000 – $50,0008.49% – 35.99%56024 – 84 monthsFast funding
LendingPoint$2,000 – $36,5007.99% – 35.99%58024 – 72 monthsA stable credit history
Wells Fargo$3,000 – $100,0005.99% – 21.74%70012 – 84 monthsWells Fargo customers
U.S. Bank$1,000 – $50,0008.24% – 20.74%66012 – 84 monthsU.S. Bank customers
First Tech Federal$500 – $50,0007.70% – 18%66024 – 84 monthsFast online application
PenFed$600 – $50,0007.74% – 17.99%67012 – 60 monthsDebt consolidation
AffirmUp to $17,5000% – 30%01 – 48 monthsClothing, electronics, and furniture purchases
Travis Credit UnionFrom as low as $500From 3.25%300 – 85012 – 60 monthsHome improvement projects
CU SoCal Credit Union$500 – $30,000As low as 9.24%012 – 120 monthsNo-fee personal loans
SchoolsFirst Credit Union$500 – $30,0007% – 18%5804 – 60 monthsConsolidating higher-interest debt.

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Best Personal Loans in California of February 2024: Key Findings

The best personal loans in California start at $100 and go up to $100,000 with a repayment plan of 12 to 84 months.

APRs for the best installment loans in California range from 5.99% to 36%. Your chosen APR varies depending on your DTI ratio, credit score, income, and other factors.

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