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Best Loans In Georgia, Payday, Auto Title Laws 2019

EPF August 18, 2019
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The Georgia Industrial Loan Act requires licensed lenders to cap loans at $3,000 and terms at 36 months and 15 days. However, banks, trust companies, credit unions, real estate loan or mortgage companies, federal savings and loan associations, Georgia building and loan associations and pawnbrokers are exempt from the regulations. Educational entities are also exempt.

To operate legally within the state, licensed lenders have to pay a $250 application fee and a $500 licensing fee.

For both single-payment and installment loans, interest rates are capped at 10%. For loans with terms of 18 months or less, lenders can discount interest in advance. For terms exceeding 18 months, interest must be added to the loans principal.

Other allowable charges include:

  • An 8% loan fee on the first $600 and a 4% loan fee on any excess
  • A late payment fee of $10
  • A maintenance fee of $3

Best Bad Credit Loans In Georgia 

Lender:Min Credit Score:Loan Amount:APR:Licensed in Georgia:
BadCreditLoans0$500 – $5,0005.99% – 35.99%Not a direct lender
CashUSA0$500 – $5,0005.99% – 35.99%Not a direct lender
Opploans0$1,000 – $4,00099% – 199%Yes
PersonalLoans580$1,000 – $35,0005.99% – 35.99%Not a direct lender

For a list of other great lenders, see our complete guide on bad credit loans.

Best Personal Loans for Good Credit In Georgia 

Lender:Min Credit Score:Loan Amount:APR:Licensed in Georgia:
Upgrade620$1,000 – $50,0007.99% – 35.97%No, but complies with law
PersonalLoans580$1,000 – $35,0005.99% – 35.99%Not a direct lender
LendingTree500$1,000 – $35,0003.99% – 35.99%Yes

For a list of other available options, see our recommended lenders.

Also consider SuperMoney. It’s a great loan comparison site.

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Payday Loans in Georgia 

Payday loans are illegal in Georgia.

The exceptions are out-of-state FDIC-insured banks and licensed lenders operating under the Georgia Industrial Loan Act. However, the interest rate and fee caps we mentioned above makes the product largely unprofitable for prospective lenders.

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Car Title Loans in Georgia 

Car title loans are legal in Georgia.

However, the state categorizes car title lenders as pawnbrokers.

Georgia law defines a pawnbroker as, “any person engaged in whole or in part in the business of lending money on the security of pledged goods, or in the business of purchasing tangible personal property on the condition that it may be redeemed or repurchased by the seller for a fixed price within a fixed period of time.”

Interest is levied over 30-day periods. For a 90-day car title loan, interest rates are capped at 25% per 30-day period, with a minimum charge of $10 per 30-day period. If the loan is extended beyond 90 days, interest rates are capped at 12.5% per 30-day period, with a minimum charge of $5 per 30-day period.

Licensed pawnbrokers can also charge:

  • A lien registration fee (if required and at cost)
  • Up to $5 per day in storage fees, if the vehicle is not already in the pawnbroker’s possession
  • Up to $2 for lost or destroyed pawn tickets
  • Up to 50% of the shipping costs when the seller requests the car be shipped back

Repossession fees are also regulated:

  • Lenders can charge up to $50 if the vehicle is within 50 miles of where the pawn originated
  • Up to $100 if the vehicle is within 51 to 100 miles of where the pawn originated
  • Up to $150 if the vehicle is within 101 to 300 miles of where the pawn originated
  • Up to $250 if the vehicle is beyond 300 miles of where the pawn originated

Alternative Payday Loans In Georgia 

If you’re struggling to find an affordable loan, Opploans provides alternative financing solutions to residents of Georgia.

The company is licensed in the state as a Foreign Limited Liability Company. Typical loans range from $3,001 to $5,000 and come with average APRs of 59%. Terms also range from 12 to 24 months.

Credit Unions In Georgia 

Delta Community Credit Union6.5% – 17.5%$500+
Georgia’s Own Credit Union8.24%+$200 – $25,000

Delta Community Credit Union

At Delta Community Credit Union, you can opt for a personal line of credit or a fixed personal loan:

  • A Personal Line of Credit offers funding up to $20,000 with APRs of 10.75% to 17%.
  • A Fixed Personal Loan allows you to borrow as little as $500 with no maximum. However, APRs vary by term.

Personal loan APRs are structured as:

  • Up to 12 months: 6.50% to 16.75%
  • Up to 24 months: 6.75% to 17.25%
  • Up to 36 months: 7% to 17.25%
  • Up to 48 months: 7.25% to 17.25%
  • Up to 60 months: 7.50% to 17.25%

Delta Community operates 23 branches across Georgia, with locations in Cherokee, Forsyth, Cobb, Fulton as well as many others.

Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Georgia’s Own Credit Union has three reliable loan products to choose from:

  • Cash N.O.W Advances allow you to borrow anywhere from $200 to $500 with a fixed APR of 17.99%. Terms range from 90 to 120 days and the product acts as a substitute for high-cost payday loans. To qualify, you need to have a Georgia’s Own savings account, a 90-day direct deposit history, proof of income and have your membership in good standing.
  • Lifestyle Loans can be used for nearly any event. You can borrow anywhere from $250 to $25,000 and APRs are as low as 8.24%.
  • A Personal Line of Credit offers variable financing with APRs as low as 10.24%. You can also link your Georgia’s Own checking account to protect against overdrafts.

Georgia’s Own operates 21 branches across Georgia, with locations in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Conyers, Gainesville as well as many others.

Student Loans In Georgia 

Georgia HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based grant that helps cover tuition and education costs for students attending eligible institutions. Amounts vary by institution, and to qualify, you need to be a Georgia resident and U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen.

Other requirements include:

  • Graduate with a minimum 3.0 GPA from an eligible high school
  • Be in good standing with any other student loans or financial assistance
  • Be in compliance with the Selective Service registration requirements

If you come from a non-traditional academic background, there are also other ways to qualify.

Zell Miller Scholarship

Like the HOPE Scholarship, the Zell Miller Scholarship is also merit-based and grants vary by institution. The qualification requirements are similar, except:

  • You need to graduate as a valedictorian or salutatorian from an accredited high school


  • Graduate with a minimum 3.7 GPA and score 1200 on the math and reading sections of the SAT or 26 on the ACT

Similarly, if you come from a non-traditional academic background, there are other ways to qualify.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loans In Georgia 

There are 159 counties in Georgia where you can apply for an FHA loan. The lowest loan amount of $314,827 is offered in 134 counties, while the highest loan amount of $990,800 is offered in Greene County.

County:Lowest FHA Loan Amount:Highest FHA Loan Amount:
Appling County$314,827$605,525
Atkinson County$314,827$605,525
Bacon County$314,827$605,525
Baker County$314,827$605,525
Baldwin County$314,827$605,525
Ben Hill County$314,827$605,525
Berrien County$314,827$605,525
Bibb County$314,827$605,525
Bleckley County$314,827$605,525
Brantley County$314,827$605,525
Brooks County$314,827$605,525
Bryan County$314,827$605,525
Bulloch County$314,827$605,525
Burk County$314,827$605,525
Calhoun County$314,827$605,525
Camden County$314,827$605,525
Candler County$314,827$605,525
Catoosa County$314,827$605,525
Charlton County$314,827$605,525
Chatham County$314,827$605,525
Chattahoochee County$314,827$605,525
Chattooga County$314,827$605,525
Clay County$314,827$605,525
Clinch County$314,827$605,525
Coffee County$314,827$605,525
Colquitt County$314,827$605,525
Columbia County$314,827$605,525
Cook County$314,827$605,525
Crawford County$314,827$605,525
Crisp County$314,827$605,525
Dade County$314,827$605,525
Decatur County$314,827$605,525
Dodge County$314,827$605,525
Dooly County$314,827$605,525
Dougherty County$314,827$605,525
Early County$314,827$605,525
Echols County$314,827$605,525
Effingham County$314,827$605,525
Elbert County$314,827$605,525
Emanuel County$314,827$605,525
Evans County$314,827$605,525
Fannin County$314,827$605,525
Floyd County$314,827$605,525
Franklin County$314,827$605,525
Gilmer County$314,827$605,525
Glascock County$314,827$605,525
Glynn County$314,827$605,525
Gordon County$314,827$605,525
Grady County$314,827$605,525
Habersham County$314,827$605,525
Hall County$314,827$605,525
Hancock County$314,827$605,525
Harris County$314,827$605,525
Hart County$314,827$605,525
Houston County$314,827$605,525
Irwin County$314,827$605,525
Jackson County$314,827$605,525
Jeff Davis County$314,827$605,525
Jefferson County$314,827$605,525
Jenkins County$314,827$605,525
Johnson County$314,827$605,525
Jones County$314,827$605,525
Lanier County$314,827$605,525
Laurens County$314,827$605,525
Lee County$314,827$605,525
Liberty County$314,827$605,525
Lincoln County$314,827$605,525
Long County$314,827$605,525
Lowndes County$314,827$605,525
Lumpkin County$314,827$605,525
Macon County$314,827$605,525
Marion County$314,827$605,525
Mcduffie County$314,827$605,525
Mcintosh County$314,827$605,525
Miller County$314,827$605,525
Mitchell County$314,827$605,525
Monroe County$314,827$605,525
Montgomery County$314,827$605,525
Murray County$314,827$605,525
Muscogee County$314,827$605,525
Peach County$314,827$605,525
Pierce County$314,827$605,525
Polk County$314,827$605,525
Pulaski County$314,827$605,525
Putnam County$314,827$605,525
Quitman County$314,827$605,525
Rabun County$314,827$605,525
Randolph County$314,827$605,525
Richmond County$314,827$605,525
Schley County$314,827$605,525
Screven County$314,827$605,525
Seminole County$314,827$605,525
Stephens County$314,827$605,525
Stewart County$314,827$605,525
Sumter County$314,827$605,525
Talbot County$314,827$605,525
Taliaferro County$314,827$605,525
Tattnall County$314,827$605,525
Taylor County$314,827$605,525
Telfair County$314,827$605,525
Terrell County$314,827$605,525
Thomas County$314,827$605,525
Tift County$314,827$605,525
Toombs County$314,827$605,525
Towns County$314,827$605,525
Treutlen County$314,827$605,525
Troup County$314,827$605,525
Turner County$314,827$605,525
Twiggs County$314,827$605,525
Union County$314,827$605,525
Upson County$314,827$605,525
Walker County$314,827$605,525
Ware County$314,827$605,525
Warren County$314,827$605,525
Washington County$314,827$605,525
Wayne County$314,827$605,525
Webster County$314,827$605,525
Wheeler County$314,827$605,525
White County$314,827$605,525
Whitfield County$314,827$605,525
Wilcox County$314,827$605,525
Wilkes County$314,827$605,525
Wilkinson County$314,827$605,525
Worth County$314,827$605,525
Clarke County$341,550$656,800
Madison County$341,550$656,800
Oconee County$341,550$656,800
Oglethorpe County$341,550$656,800
Barrow County$379,500$729,800
Bartow County$379,500$729,800
Butts County$379,500$729,800
Carroll County$379,500$729,800
Cherokee County$379,500$729,800
Clayton County$379,500$729,800
Cobb County$379,500$729,800
Coweta County$379,500$729,800
Dawson County$379,500$729,800
Dekalb County$379,500$729,800
Douglas County$379,500$729,800
Fayette County$379,500$729,800
Forsyth County$379,500$729,800
Fulton County$379,500$729,800
Gwinnett County$379,500$729,800
Haralson County$379,500$729,800
Heard County$379,500$729,800
Henry County$379,500$729,800
Jasper County$379,500$729,800
Lamar County$379,500$729,800
Meriwether County$379,500$729,800
Morgan County$379,500$729,800
Newton County$379,500$729,800
Paulding County$379,500$729,800
Pickens County$379,500$729,800
Pike County$379,500$729,800
Rockdale County$379,500$729,800
Spalding County$379,500$729,800
Walton County$379,500$729,800
Greene County$515,200$990,800

Business Loans in Georgia 

At the click of a button, the lenders below can provide financing to help take your business to the next level:

Lender:Min Credit Score:Loan Amount:APR:Licensed in Georgia:
LendingTree500Varies5.99% – 35.99%Yes
Kabbage0Up to $250,00024% – 99%Not a direct lender

However, to consult with a team located in Georgia, consider Fintrus.


Offering alternative financing solutions to small businesses and investors, Fintrus is there when traditional banks say no. Three of its products are designed for real estate purchases, while its unsecured business line can be used for nearly any project:

  • ARV Rehab Loans are designed for businesses that fix and flip properties. You can borrow anywhere from $75,000 to $5 million and interest rates are as low as 7.99%. Terms range from 12 to 24 months, however, you need a FICO Score of at least 620 to qualify.
  • 1-4 Unit Rental Loans are designed for businesses that purchase residential properties to earn rental income. Loans also range from $75,000 to $5 million, but interest rates are as low as 6%. Terms extend up to 30 years and you only need a 580 FICO Score to qualify.
  • 30-Year Fixed Commercial Loans are designed for businesses that develop commercial properties. You can borrow anywhere from $200,000 to $2.5 million and interest rates are as low as 6%. Terms extend up to 30 years, but you need a FICO Score of at least 650 to qualify.
  • Unsecured Business Lines offer revolving credit without the need for any collateral. You can borrow anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000 and interest rates range from 0% to 9%. There are no restricted industries, however, you need a FICO Score of at least 680 to qualify and a personal credit history of at least 5 years with a $5,000 credit card limit. As well, if you’re approved for financing, you have to keep your credit utilization rate below 30%.

For more information, you can visit Fintrus’ office at: 3355 Lenox Road, Suite 750 Atlanta, GA 30326. You can also contact the company by phone at (855) 400-2254 or email them at


State officials do a great job of regulating predatory loans in Georgia. Payday loans are banned and loans of $3,000 or less have capped interest rates that help borrowers avoid a cycle of debt. However, because they’re categorized as pawnbrokers, car title lenders are free to operate in the state. And with annual interest rates of 300% or more, you should consider other alternatives before opting for a car title loan. Take Opploans for example. With loans in excess of $3,000, typical APRs are 59%. And while still on the high-side, it’s a great option if you’ve been turned down by other lenders.

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