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Safest Places to Live in New York ( 2017 Updated ! )

  ‘Start spreading the news… If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.’ When we think of New York, we usually think of New York City, the world’s capital, as some would say. And it’s true that New York City is an amazing place, full of life, vibrant ...

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Safest Places to Live in Florida ( 2017 Updated ! )

Spring break student parties, sunbathing on Miami beaches, tropical climate and palms, surfing… These are the most common images that we associate with Florida. But this state in the southeast of the US is so much more than that. With over 20 million residents, Florida (the land of flowers) is ...

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Safest Places to Live in Ohio ( 2017 Updated ! )

Ohio is located in the Midwest region of the United States, within the region of Great Lakes. Its nickname is the Buckeye State, after its well-known Buckeye trees. Ohio is home to over 11 million residents, which makes it the 7th most populous US state. Even though Cleveland is the ...

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Safest Places to Live in Massachusetts ( 2017 Updated ! )

  As one of the New England states, Massachusetts is located in the Northeastern United States. Massachusetts is certainly one of the historically essential U.S. states since it was a place of many momentous events. Plymouth was the first colony in New England, Boston Tea Party is considered to be ...

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Safest Places to Live in Oklahoma ( 2017 Updated ! )

Located in the South Central region of the United States, the biggest part of  Oklahoma lies in the U.S. Interior Highlands, Great Plains and Cross Timbers. One of the nicknames of Oklahoma is the Sooner State, which refers to the period when white settlers claimed the best pieces of land ...

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