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Best Places to Raise a Family in Massachusetts 2017

Massachusetts is one of the New England states, located in the Northeastern United States. It is one of the historically essential U.S. states, being a place of many momentous events. Plymouth was the birthplace of the first colony in New England, Boston Tea Party is considered to be the beginning ...

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Best Places to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania 2017

Pennsylvania is one of the oldest US states and one of the 13 original colonies. Prior to moving to Washington D.C., the capital of the US was Philadelphia. Numerous chapters in the US history were written in this state: the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were drafted in ...

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Best Places to Raise a Family in Colorado 2017

Colorado was named after the great Colorado River, but it also has a nickname ‘Centennial State’ because it achieved its statehood one hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was signed. Colorado spreads across the Southern Rocky Mountains and it is full of beautiful landscape – mountains, forests and rivers ...

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Best Places to Raise a Family in Texas 2017

Texas is definitely one of the most beautiful US states. The Lone Star State, as some like to call it, is famous for its hospitality, for Texans are always generous. The landscape varies greatly depending on the part of the state you’re in. There are desert areas, mountains, forests, rivers, ...

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