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Will Credit Card Price Protection Continue to Exist?

The Best Business Credit Cards for Small Business Owners

Not only is lending market becoming more flexible, but the entire financial market is becoming more competitive. With so many different companies, banks and lenders, the necessity to find a way to attract more customers has become a norm for everyone in the business. Among others, credit card companies are ...

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Advanced Tips to Keep Your Credit Card Information Secure

Technology is booming, now more than ever. Consequently, fraud and data breach are booming too. With improved technology, hackers are getting smarter and credit card information is becoming more vulnerable. In 2017 alone, the Identity Resource Center reported a total of 1,579 data breaches, which compromised more than 174 million ...

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Google Rip-Off Payday Loans with up to 1,575% Interest

Google would have a huge profit by promoting payday loans at the top of its results pages. Some of the loans advertised in the United Kingdom have insane interest ‒ up to 1,575%. These loans are directed at British people who are in dire need of money and usually already ...

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New Technologies That Improve Credit Card Security

We can all see and feel that technology is improving at the speed of light. Sometimes it develops so fast that we simply can’t keep up with it. New technologies are emerging each day, but hackers are becoming smarter too, so there is a need for even more advanced solutions ...

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