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How Medical Debt Can Ruin Your Credit Score

online identity protection guide

The most common debt. Research by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has indicated that a tremendously large number of collection notices on credit reports are the result of outstanding medical debt. Medical debt poses a risk to everyone, young and old and whether you have health insurance or not. It ...

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Carding – Still Top of the Pops for Fraudsters !

Credit Freeze vs Fraud Alert vs Monitoring

What is carding? Carding is the act of taking credit card information from an unsuspecting victim and using it to make unauthorized purchases, or selling it to other criminals who are willing to pay for a stolen card. This is not really a new crime, but the way criminals commit ...

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What is Catfishing Scam?

My BJs Perks Plus MasterCard

What is catfishing? Catfishing is when someone creates a fake online identity hoping to find people into some sort of online relationship, often romantic, with the ultimate goal being to steal your money or identity for fraudulent purposes. They usually use social media networks, dating sites and any types on ...

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