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Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in New Jersey 2018

On average, New Jersey drivers spent a little over $2,000 per year in 2015 insuring their vehicles. The lowest paying individuals lived in Hillsborough and Bridgewater. These people faced around $1,500 in annual car insurance costs. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Jersey City, Newark, Trenton, and many other larger areas of ...

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Mastercard Contactless System – Security Issues Found !

A fast, simple and secure way to pay. Many debit and credit cards now have the tap-and-go technology which allows you to pay without a pin code, or the swiping of a magnetic. Contactless cards make it more convenient to pay for merchandise, and transactions are completed in under a ...

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How to Prevent Identity Theft –The Master Plan

Dear Readers, All of you who are familiar with Elite Personal Finance know very well that we love to write long and advanced guides. This time, however, we will be very quick. How many ways to prevent identity theft do you know? Have you heard of our 100 Ways to ...

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