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Why Supercookies Are Not as Tasty as They Sound

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One mobile carrier in America now allows consumers to opt out of being tracked by “supercookies,” which can be used by hackers to abuse consumers’ identities. A super cookie is actually a unique kind of browser cookie specially intended to be permanently stored on a consumer’s PC. Companies and organizations ...

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The Freelancer’s Full Guide to Online Identity Safety

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The online freelancing industry is growing at a rapid pace. Much of this is due to the fast growth of Upwork, a company that merged with eLance while operating under the oDesk brand. Upwork’s goal is to transform their annual revenue (the amount their freelancers bring in) from $1 billion to ...

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Watch Out for Payday Loan Identity Theft Scams

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Getting a payday loan is already risky — if you don’t pay it back, sooner or later it could destroy your credit. But when it comes to online payday loans and private loans, you just can’t be sure whether these sites are safe. Sure you have big names like Money ...

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