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How to Get Your FICO Score for Free

The official website for buying your FICO score,, charges $19.95 per credit score request — yes, that’s the cost for each score PER credit bureau. Yet, you can still obtain your FICO credit score for free. We are going to show you how to do just that — and ...

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How to Read Your Credit Report

Think of your credit report as the explanation behind your credit score. Everything on it is suggestive, hinting towards whether you are a good or bad borrower. The credit bureaus plug these data points into an algorithmic formula to reveal your credit score. You Really Need to Understand Your Credit Report! ...

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How Long Do Negative Items Stay on My Credit Report?

So you missed a payment, or maybe you have an account in collections, but that does not mean your mistake will haunt you forever. The credit report bureaus that calculate your credit score understand people can make mistakes — whether intended or not, the consequences of your poor borrowing behavior ...

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