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Everything Students Must Know About Identity Theft

You are in school working towards a better future. The last thing on your mind is the risk of having your identity stolen, but that’s why it should be a top concern. Identity thieves want to victimize you! Why Would an Identity Thief Target a Student? You might believe, “That ...

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LendUp Review – Is It a Good Payday Loan?

Here at Elite Personal Finance, we’ve reviewed plenty of online lenders that offer all kinds of products, from payday loans to installment loans and even large personal loans up to $35,000. Payday lending portals are the most common on the Internet, making up the majority of what we have reviewed ...

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How to Avoid Tax Identity Theft in 2017

Happy Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week! Once again, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding a ‘Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week’ to enlighten Americans on the potential identity theft risks relating to their tax returns. The 2016 Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week takes place between January 25th and 29th. The stigma surrounding this ...

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