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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online This Holiday Season

Credit Freeze vs Fraud Alert vs Monitoring

Not an easy task! The kids will soon be off from school for holidays. Parents, while carrying on with jobs and life in the real world, will need to think of ways to keep kids entertained, and make sure that they do not get up to mischief – especially online. ...

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How Discounts and Special Offers Can Work For Your Business?

My BJs Perks Plus MasterCard

Have you ever been attracted to certain companies by offers and discounts? Every day in the market place we are besieged by special pricing offers which range from simple discounts, buy-one-get-one-free promotions to package deal purchases, loyalty schemes, and more. These promotional activities have been proved to work very well. ...

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Best Small Business Loans for 2017

So you have a small business and you need some capital?  Will you get approved for a small business loan?  What are the best options, and who offers the best rates?  If you are asking yourself these questions, you came to the right place.  Elite Personal Finance is the web’s ...

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