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Review of the Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card


The Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card is a viable option for individuals who want a trustworthy way to manage finances without getting into loads of debt. The Kaiku Visa can be reloaded through a variety of ways and then used to make purchases. Consumers can use the card to keep better ...

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How the Unemployed Can Maintain Their Credit

Are you unemployed? Well then apparently, finding another job may not be your only worry.  Perhaps you are not in a position to clear all your loans just like you could before; maybe you have fallen behind on either your mortgage or bills. These extra worries can take a toll ...

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It’s Not Just Students, Identity Thieves Love Professors Too!

college students

Everyone knows that identity thieves love to target students. They have limited borrowing history, and they are too caught up in school and work to catch the crime as it happens. But, they are not the only ones in the classroom that have to struggle with identity theft crimes. Professors ...

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5 Ways to Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

Many of us are sucked in by what started out as a 0% interest rate on a credit card. After the initial period we find ourselves sinking in interest payments. It’s nice when the “introductory” rate starts out and we don’t even mind making a few purchases beyond what we ...

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