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Teens Posting “Paycheck Selfies” Online – AFTERMATH!

It’s another step back for the American youth. Thieves are robbing teens over Instagram, for their paychecks! What Happened? Members of social networks like Instagram and Twitter use “hashtags” to categorize trending topics. Tags like #myfirstpaycheck grew in popularity over the years. This is because people thought it was cool ...

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What Actually Credit Monitoring Services Offer and What Not?

Well, it’s no longer a secret anymore, we all have admittedly fallen on tough economic times. Most people today react to economic deterioration by either excluding or reducing the reckless spending of nonrefundable revenue and start reviewing their finances. In most instances, those with average income focus on how they ...

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The Types of Bankruptcy – What’s My Solution?

Filing for bankruptcy? There’s a lot you need to learn before you start! Sometimes it makes financial sense to file for bankruptcy. It can even be a good back-door when you can’t afford to fix your credit. But, there’s no denying that bankruptcy can kill your credit rating. If you ...

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Self-Destructive “Credit Repair” Methods – BEWARE!

Building a new credit profile is easy. Fixing an ugly one, not so much. Yet, many Americans are getting better at building credit. Even bankruptcy filers from the Great Recession are making credit rebuild progress. That’s because, there’s no “secret methods” for repairing your credit. Forget about what people tell ...

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It’s Obvious, But This Is How Celebs Build Credit!

Put your smartphone away and close your FaceBook tab. Spend the next ten minutes reading this all-too-important document! You will learn how high profile celebrities manage their credit. The good, the bad, and the ugly; get advice on how to build credit from scratch, and how to protect yourself from ...

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