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STUDENTS: Respect Your Credit Report, Now or Never!

college students

As a student, you spend most of your time thinking about your classes and friends. It’s not until later in your life when you focus on credit and savings. Yet, this is also when you will struggle the most to repair your credit. You can maintain a strong credit report ...

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Affording College: Tips for Students and Parents

college student girl

College is arguably one of the best places one can pass through in the course of their lifetime. Leave alone the education aspect of the institution but the social life one enjoys there. Without social knowledge and the free interaction with people of all genders, races and tribes education may ...

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5 Surprising Facts About Identity Theft

identity theft facts

Identity theft shocks us all when it happens, but it should not be a surprise when there’s a new victim every two seconds! That said, there are many things about identity theft that catch people off guard. Five facts that might surprise you include: 1) New borrowers are still high ...

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Rent a Friend and Give Life a New Meaning

I know we are used to renting cars, houses, movies etc. but never a friend. The reasons that compel us to rent these stuffs are diverse. Maybe you do not have a car or simply do not want to buy one, perhaps you want to enjoy a movie just for ...

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