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Credit Report
Credit Report

Learn Everything About Your Credit Score

  • Learn how to get a free credit report
  • Learn where to find the best credit monitoring and identity theft protection services (some of them are totally free)
  • Learn how to always improve your credit score
  • Learn the biggest mistakes that lower your credit score

30 Ways to Increase Credit Score in 2018

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Understand How Credit Report Works

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Understand FICO Scores

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How to Get a Totally Free FICO Score

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How to Read Your Credit Report

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Best Credit Report Sites for 2018

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Credit Card
Credit Report

Find the Best Credit Card for You

Did you know that Americans lose millions of dollars every day due to bad credit card deals?

Picking the right credit card can help you save a lot of money.


Find Your Best Credit Card by Category

Huge Signup Bonuses (Up To $500)

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Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

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Best Credit Cards for Fair Credit

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Credit Report

Compare the Best Loans

Whether you have good, bad or fair credit, you can get personal loans if you look in the right place.

Elite Personal Finance lists the best lenders for 2018. But first, let us give you the most important information you need to know before applying for a loan.


Find Your Best Credit Card by Category

Shop Around

Comparing loans from multiple lenders can help you find which loan is the best for you. Even the top financial experts can't say with certainty what exact loans are the best for you. Review all of your options before getting the loan.

Avoid Loan Scams

There are a lot of scam loan companies. Also, there are loans that are technically not scams, but we still recommend you to avoid them. These are loans with high APR like payday and auto title loans. Read our guide on finding legit loans.

Wait for Offers and Apply for the Best

After applying for legit loans, you need to pick the best offers.

Best Personal Loans by Category

Based on your needs, our team of experts has prepared the best loan for each category.

Best Personal Loans for Bad Credit

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Best Personal Loans for Fair Credit

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Best Personal Loans for No Credit

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Best Personal Loans Tips from EPF

  • The loan market is becoming more and more flexible, so even people with bad credit can get a personal loan.

  • Avoid predatory loans like payday and auto title loans. Now people have a much better chance to get a personal loan than a few years ago.

  • Always work on your credit score to get a better APR on your loans and save more money.


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Loans By State

Best Personal Loans Good and Bad Credit Hawaii, Payday Laws 2019

EPF August 20, 2019

View All Studies [toc] Citing Article 9 of Hawaii’s Code of Financial Institutions, licensed lenders are required to cap consumer loans at $25,000. For precomputed loans, interest rates are capped at 14% per year for the first 18 months, 10.5%...

Loans By State

Best Loans In Georgia, Payday, Auto Title Laws 2019

EPF August 18, 2019

View All Studies [toc] The Georgia Industrial Loan Act requires licensed lenders to cap loans at $3,000 and terms at 36 months and 15 days. However, banks, trust companies, credit unions, real estate loan or mortgage companies, federal savings and...

Loans By State

Best Loans In Florida, Payday, Auto Title Laws 2019

EPF August 17, 2019

View All Studies [toc] The Florida Consumer Finance Act caps lines of credit at $25,000. However, the ceiling does not apply to banks, savings institutions, trust companies, credit unions, industrial loan companies, investment companies, building and loan associations or pawnbrokers....

Loans By State

Best Loans In Delaware, Payday, Auto Title Laws 2019

EPF August 15, 2019

View All Studies [toc] Licensed Lenders in Delaware are required to cap short-term installment loans at $1,000. These are loans of less than 60 days that are “not secured by title to a motor vehicle.” However, the state does not...

Loans By State

Best Loans In Connecticut, Payday, Auto Title Laws 2019

EPF August 12, 2019

View All Studies [toc] Connecticut’s usury law puts a 12% APR-cap on all non-regulated loans. However, lenders registered with Connecticut’s Department of Banking (DOB) can levy APRs upwards of 36% for loans up to $15,000. These include licensed banks, credit...


What Banks Offer Bad Credit Loans?

EPF August 11, 2019

Can I get a bank bad credit loans? Unfortunately, the answer is no. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other options. Online lenders offer personal loans to people with bad credit. And in today’s market, you can obtain a...


Average Credit Card Annual Fees 2019

EPF August 8, 2019

View All Studies [toc] Annual fees are the most common form of credit card fees. They’re charged by issuers to access various perks, usually inherent with rewards credits cards. As expected, rewards cards have the highest annual fee, while business...

Financial News

Think Finance Agrees To Pay $40 Million To Settle Illegal Payday Loan Scheme

EPF August 6, 2019

After allegedly operating a $133 million illegal payday loan racket, Think Finance has agreed to void all of its outstanding loans and pay $40 million to reimburse victims. A national payday lender, Think Finance was accused of offering payday loans...


10 Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

EPF August 3, 2019

Choosing the right life insurance policy can seem like a daunting task. There are so many options available and terms are often confusing and unfamiliar. Even those that do their homework still end up making mistakes from time to time....

Credit Report

How To Increase Your FICO Score

EPF August 2, 2019

If you have bad credit, you know how difficult it is to navigate. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or borrowing for your next car, bad credit can severely limit your options. To make matters worse, your cost of borrowing...

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