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How Do Risk-Based Pricing Affect Your APR

Assume that your brother asks you $ 5.000 to buy a new machine for his small business. You know him pretty well, you know his credit history and you believe that his business is doing well so far. Suppose now that it is not your brother anymore, but a friend ...

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7 Easy Bad Credit Loans from Top Lenders That Say YES!

If you need fast cash and you have bad credit, then your options are limited. In this case, most people end up getting payday loans with a super high APR. And if they don’t pay it on time, they end up in a debt cycle. The number of companies offering ...

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The Flexibility of Lending Market is Growing in 2018

You need some money to cover unexpected costs. This is something that happens to everyone. You search for a loan online, find some great offers and then you get the following answer: ‘We are sorry, but your credit score is 10 points lower than our minimum requirement. You can get ...

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