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How to Protect Your Social Security Number from Identity Theft

Social Security Number Identity Theft

Your Social Security Number (SSN) is the most sensitive piece of information tying to your name. It’s a number that you do not want anyone else to know. With minimal information about you, plus your SSN, anyone could commit fraud under your name. So, you must learn how to protect ...

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How to Report Identity Theft and Where ?

phone identity theft

You just found out someone stole your identity. What do you do? Everyone needs to know the right answer. If you are unsure, please do not stop reading until you finish this post! I’m an Identity Theft Victim … What Do I Do? If you are certain that you were ...

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Why Do I Need to Keep up With My Credit Report?

Your credit report is simply a compilation of a lot of information which indicates how you manage debt. It really contains a lot of information about you and your money management skills. Information you will probably find on your credit report includes things like: Total amount of debt you owe ...

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What is Identity Theft?

Best Identity Theft Companies

Identity theft is one of the biggest consumer theft crimes. It affects millions of Americans every year and costs them billions of dollars. We at Elite Personal Finance have done our research and published a plethora of content on the subject of identity theft, credit monitoring, and personal finance in ...

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