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How to Cut Duplicate Expenses From Your Budget?

What are duplicate expenses? Duplicate expenses are expenses which occur more than once in you budget allocations, for a similar item. These kinds of expenses may even occur more than twice or thrice in your budget. To get clear view of what duplicate expenses are, an example will be clearly ...

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Cheap Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Everyone in this world is entitled to their freedoms. One of the freedoms is to love who ever pleases youor meets your preferences. The wise men once said that love without actions is dead. That is why each and every one of us struggles to keep their spouses happy and ...

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Thin Credit File? Credit Karma Wants to Help, For Free!

Credit Karma gives borrowers a way to check and track their credit profile at no cost. The company banks off referral earnings, not up-front charges. This means you have access to free credit reports and scores through the Credit Karma website. Even better,the credit reports are now available once a ...

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Top 7 Myths about Identity Theft

Every new information phishing and rupture scam alert is followed by a series of commentary and blog articles regarding cyber security. A majority of these articles could range from apathetical to frightening. However, it is impossible to ignore the facts: ID theft is a rife in the US. According to ...

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Identity Theft – A New Type You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!

The jeopardies of identity theft are well known to a good number of people, perhaps you included! Right, imagine a situation where someone who has access to some of your personal info, such as Social Security Number, uses it to access your cash or credit. Isn’t that irritating? To me, ...

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