Best Cash Advance Apps for Gig Workers of February 2024

Ray Prince
Last Update: October 18, 2023 Loans

Unfortunately, an unexpected expense can throw any gig worker’s monthly budget out of whack. Access to quick cash is a must, whether it’s an unexpected hospital bill, past due utility bill, or any other small inconvenience. Fortunately, reputable cash advance apps for gig workers like Earnin and Brigit are here to feel the void, complete with generous borrowing limits, 0% interest, same day approval, no credit checks, and all-around awesomeness.

Keep reading to learn more about the best cash advance apps for gig workers, including our top-rated apps, how cash advance apps work, eligibility requirements, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Review our marketplace to find the best cash advance apps for gig workers of February 2024.

Best Cash Advance Apps for Gig Workers of February 2024: Key Findings

The best cash advance apps for gig workers offer 0% interest advances of up to $100 per day or $750 per pay period, repayable in two to four weeks.

All cash advance apps operate on a voluntary tip (e.g., Earnin) or monthly membership fee model (e.g., Brigit and Dave).

Cash advance apps are not technically loans, but paycheck advance services that allow you to receive a portion of your earnings before payday, up to two days early (Dave).

Most cash advance apps offer additional services beyond paycheck advances, such as credit building, side job search, built-in stock investing, and identity theft protection.

Expect to pay same-day expediting fees anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99, depending on the cash advance app.

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Earnin App

Loan Amount:Up to $100 per day and $500 per pay period
Terms:Repay manually via money order or with your next paycheck
Fees:Up to $3.99 per $100 for same-day cash advances (first is free)
Credit Check:No
How to Qualify:Have a checking account with frequent direct deposits
Link External Bank Account:Yes
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With close to 500K positive reviews in the App Store and Google Play stores, Earnin is one of the better-recognized cash advance apps for gig workers like Uber/Lyft drivers and Doordash delivery personnel.

Earnin offers cash out requests of up to $100 per day or $750 per period, the highest borrowing limits of all providers we’ve reviewed. Added features include Balance Shield (automatic money deposits when balances fall below a certain threshold), Cash Back Rewards, and an innovative tipping system that accepts voluntary tips of up to $14 for each cash advance instead of a monthly membership fee like Brigit and Dave.

Need funds fast? Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature allows users to receive cash advances within minutes. It’s a welcome change from the traditional one to two business day turnaround offered by banks, credit unions, and some online lending networks.

Another benefit of using Earnin is its minimum fee structure, meaning no overdraft, insufficient funds, or ATM fees. Not to mention, 0% interest on all paycheck advances. We highly recommend Earnin for its tie borrowing limits, user-friendliness, and quick application process.


  • Up to $100 per day/$750 per pay period
  • 0% interest with no service fees
  • Ability to link external bank accounts
  • User-friendly interface
  • No credit check required
  • Automatically deduct funds from the next paycheck


  • 18 years of age or older
  • U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • iOS or Android smartphone
  • Salary or hourly job
  • Valid checking account and email address
  • Valid email address

How to Apply: Using Earnin is very simple. First, download the smartphone app, create an account, and provide full employment details, including employer name and pay schedule information. From there, Earnin will determine how muc