Current Mortgage Rates Today in New York of July 2024

Ray Prince
Last Update: September 25, 2023 Mortgage Loans by States and Cities

If you are looking to purchase or refinance a mortgage, there are many solid options available to NY borrowers. Loans of up to $1,000,000 are possible through government-backed programs (e.g. FHA, VA) and non-government backed programs via private lenders. Many also offer instant prequalification, down payments as low as 3%, and the ability to compare offers from multiple mortgage lenders through online marketplaces like SuperMoney.

Keep reading to learn more about mortgage loans and rates in NY, including today’s rates, top recommendations for non-government backed programs, and tips on how to apply for a mortgage and refinance in NY.

Lender:Loan Amount:APR:Min. Credit Score:Best For:
Lending TreeVariesVaries500People who want to compare multiple options
SuperMoneyVariesVaries500People who want to compare multiple options
PNC BankVariesVaries620PNC Bank customers
Ally BankVariesVaries620Ally Bank customers
ChaseVariesVaries620Chase customers
Rocket MortgageVariesVaries620Non standard loan lengths
Mr. CooperVariesVaries600Fair credit scores
Bethpage Federal Credit UnionVariesVaries620Investment property buyers

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