Loan Apps Like Dave, SoLo, Brigit, Earnin, MoneyLion, PossibleFinance

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If you suffer unexpected financial hardship, there are affordable options to help you weather the storm. For example, if you need $50, $100, or $300, you may think that payday loans are your only option. However, several reliable cash advance apps help finance borrowers with bad credit.

For your reference, ElitePersonalFinance continuously scans the marketplace to find payday loan alternatives for people with bad credit. And if you’re unfamiliar, payday loans have an average APR of 400% and can trap you in a cycle of debt. Along the way, they can also ruin your credit.

Conversely, cash advance apps offer affordable financing and reasonable terms. As a result, apps like Dave, Brigit, Earnin, and MoneyLion can provide funds to hold you over until your next paycheck arrives.


  • Cash advance apps offer cheaper financing for borrowers with bad credit.
  • Many cash advance apps don’t charge interest.


  • Loans typically max at $300.
  • Many cash advance apps have membership fees or charge administrative fees.

Thus, before submitting your application, you should consider all of your options. For example, personal loans have higher loan amounts of up to $100,000 and can even reach upwards of $250,000 under certain circumstances. Moreover, repayment terms are much more flexible, and cheap APRs of 5.99% to 35.99% make personal loans more affordable than payday loans. Therefore, please visit our marketplace and browse your available options to learn more.