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BNPL and POS apps let you buy products today and pay for them over a few months or more. The apps on our list partner with some of the most popular brands in the marketplace, making it easier to shop at your favorite stores when you’re in between paychecks. In addition, BNPL apps typically require repayment over six weeks, and there is usually no interest or credit check. Conversely, POS apps have terms that range from a few months to a few years, and some companies charge interest. As a result, POS loans are more like personal loans, while BNPL loans are more like no-fee, no-interest payday loans.

BNPL loans are ideal for small purchases that you pay back over short durations. However, since you can’t use the funds to cover expenses, our guide on the best cash advance apps can help when you confront an emergency. Likewise, POS loans are great for large purchases like refrigerators and furniture that require longer repayment terms.

However, some personal loans offer better APRs. Also, our marketplace has options for borrowers of all credit scores, and applying doesn’t require a commitment and won’t impact your credit profile. As a result, you should shop around to obtain the cheapest rate.

Best POS Apps of June 2024

BNPL and POS apps offer affordable financing. Instead of waiting for your paycheck to arrive, you can receive an item today and pay for it at a