How to Get Personal Loan for Bad Credit Easily and Quickly

Last Update: September 25, 2023 Loan Reviews Loans

ElitePersonalFinance has created this special guide for people with bad credit looking for fast and easy loans.

The steps we have listed in the guide help those with bad credit and who want money fast. This guide will be different from most of the articles you have read on getting a loan with bad credit.

Here are our best picks for those looking for a loan now and are with bad credit.

Loan Company:Min. Credit Score:APR:Amount:
ZippyLoan0Vary$100 – $15,000
LifeLoans0Vary$100 – $40,000
NextDayPersonalLoan0Vary$100 – $40,000
VivaLoan0Vary$100 – $15,000
PickALender0Vary$100 – $40,000
FundsJoy0Vary$100 – $5,000
WhiteRockLoans0Vary$100 – $5,000
OppLoans059% – 160%$500 – $4,000
RiseCredit060% – 299%$500 – $5,000
NetCredit034% – 155%$1,000 – $10,000
PossibleFinance0150% – 200%$50 – $500
FigLoans0176% – 229%$50 – $800

Getting a loan with bad credit and getting a loan that you need quickly are two different things. But if we combine them, you become an easy target for unscrupulous lenders who only want to manipulate people whose only option is getting predatory payday loans with high interests. That is how they get people into a vicious circle of debt.

Watch our video that shows how people with bad credit can get a personal loan.