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How to Prevent Identity Theft –The Master Plan


People, familiar with ElitePersonalFinance know very well, that we love to write long and advanced guides. But this time, I‘ll be very quick. I will provide you one great, actually the best tactic that will significantly decrease the risk of identity theft. How many ways you know to prevent identity theft? Do you know our 100 ways to prevent identity theft? Actually they are more than 100 … Do you know about our advanced guide Identity Theft Safeguard? It is a lot of read for people, interested to learn.


There are many things that you can do to prevent identity theft. But these things are not equal. Here, we present you:

The Master Plan to Prevent Identity Theft

It’s really easy and probably the most effective tactic that you will find online. I have discussed with my expert team and everyone agreed on that.

Let’s get started…

  • Get a copy of your credit report at AnnualCreditReport and review it for unauthorized items
  • Get identity theft protection, I will give you some great free options later
  • Post fraud alert on your credit file
  • Post Credit Freeze on your credit file

That is …

It’s very easy, totally free (or very cheap) and super effective!!!


Now, let’s discuss these points one by one quickly.

Get a copy of your credit report at AnnualCreditReport.

AnnualCreditReport is free! One time a year people can get free credit report. For those that don’t know AnnualCreditReport is the the only site authorized by The Government that gives you free credit report. Apply  now. Then check for some unauthorized items on it. If you have problem with that, you can read: What is Credit Report and How to Read Your Credit Report.

Get identity theft protection

Many people will tell you that identity theft protection companies won’t help you. In fact, they play important role in identity theft protection process. What they can’t do is to prevent identity theft in full. In most of the cases they only alert you after this happen to you. But this does not mean that you don’t have to use them. Most of the negative comments come after people understand that they are not free, but paid. The truth is that there are paid, but there are also some totally free companies. Why don’t you register at some totally free identity theft protection companies today? Here is a quick review of the top companies in US. No catch here! They are totally free. Of course they have some disadvantages against paid products, but they still offer reliable credit monitoring. One of the most common disadvantage is that they offer only one beauru credit monitoring. And of course they have less features. So, if you want, you can also buy some of them. Here we have listed the top paid companies in US. The choice is your. Before you buy some plan, we invite you to read what exactly is included there. We review the best identity theft protection companies here.

Post fraud alert on your credit file.

It’s one great and super effective technique that you can do now! It’s totally free. If you have fraud alert, creditors are required to verify your identity. That way, it won’t be easy for someone to open account on your name. Everything about fraud alert you can find here.

Post Credit Freeze on your credit file.

If you do this, no one will open accounts on your name. The disadvantage of this is that you can’t apply for credit cards and so on. But it gives you very advanced protection. Here you can learn more about credit freeze. Credit freeze is very cheap and free in some cases, learn about your fee here.


This was the Master Plan to Prevent Identity Theft!


Very easy, super effective. Do it now!

Is this enough to prevent identity theft?

Unfortunately no! There is no way to prevent identity theft. But there are many ways that you can use to lower the chances. So, let’s say that the last point from the Master Plan would be: Educate Yourself.

Here is what we have for You!

100 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft – the most comprehensive list on the planet!

Read More About Identity Theft Here – we work everyday to provide you the highest quality information on identity theft.

Identity Theft Safeguard – The most comprehensive guide on how to prevent identity theft, written by Elite Personal Finance expert team!


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