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How to Save a Lot of Money on Every Online Purchase – 10% – 75%! Read …

EPF Last Update: May 23, 2020

Most of you know about things like cashback, rebate sites, credit card points, and so on. All of these are types of loyalty programs for regular customers. They work great and many people use them!

However in this article, we are going to discuss another way to save even more than these programs.

It’s super easy and obvious way to save money on every online purchase!

But for some of you it would looks like a hack.


Because many people don’t know and use it.

And here is this trick:

Affiliate Programs!

Do you know what they are? How they work?

Most of you don’t. For these that are familiar, know them as a business.

And, in fact they are a type of business.

Business? What I’m doing here? I want to save easy money …


We will show you exactly!

Today we are going to use affiliate programs for saving purpose. And at the end of this guide you will be amazed because you will understand that affiliate programs actually can be so powerful way that will save you a lot of money!

What are Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

Before teaching you how you can save between 10% to 75% to all online purchases, and even how to make some money with affiliate programs, let’s explain how do they work.

Affiliate programs are built in almost all online business. Over 99% of the companies that sell online or offer some services use them.

These are programs that pay you money, if you send someone that buy something or register online for some service.


You have a site. On it you post a banner ad or a link to some site that sell something. If someone that visit your site, click on your link and buy something from this company, you get paid.

The basics of affiliate programs.

Companies that sell online are called advertisers. People who send clients to the advertisers are called publishers or affiliates. Affiliates typically build sites or use other types of promotion to send traffic to the advertisers. If some client buy from the advertiser, the affiliate get paid.

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And this is how all big financial sites make money. If you search for best loans, or best credit cards, you will find many sites that list products that are not their. Actually all big financial sites promote affiliate programs.

What is a tracking link?

A tracking link is your affiliate link. When you register with an affiliate programs, you get a tracking link that points to the advertiser site. If anyone click on this link, the system register that and if this person buy you make money.

For example, if you register with Amazon affiliate programs, Amazon will give you a tracking link that will looks like:

When you click on that link, you will be redirected to, but the system will detect you and if you buy anything, the person who is registered in their system as affiliate will make money from all of the purchases.

However, don’t think too much on that. It is only technical part that has been already built and that works. So, all of the things that you have to do are very easy. It’s like register, copy, pastes and so on.

What types of affiliate programs are out there?

  • Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs pay per sell. You get paid, if you send a customer that buy something from the advertiser. Affiliate programs are also called PPS – pay per sell programs.
  • Lead generation. Lead generation programs pay you money when you send a customer that only register with the advertiser site. These programs are also called PPL – pay per lead programs.
  • Per click programs. Such a programs is Google Adsense. Google Adsense pay you money to post their ads on your site. If anyone click on their ad, you get paid per click. These programs are also called PPC – pay per click programs.
  • Per Impression. You get paid, if you post a banned on your site. You get paid, if your site load.

How to make money with affiliate programs?

It’s not that easy to make money with affiliate programs. You have to build sites, send traffic to them and so on. All of these things require education, knowledge, investments and so on. There are people who make a lot of money with affiliate programs, but it is not for everyone.

That’s why in this guide we will discuss how to save money with affiliate programs.

How to Save a Lot Money with Affiliate Programs?

Do you want to buy something from Amazon or Ebay?

  • Go to their affiliate programs register as an affiliate.
  • Get your tracking link.
  • Buy from it.
  • The affiliate program will pay you back money from your purchase.

So easy saving technique, that almost NO one use!

But …

What’s the catch?

Is it legal?

We even don’t want to comment the fact whether it is legal or not, because it is pretty legal. Companies pay you money to send them customers who buy from them. So the company make money and they pay you percentage from that.

But there is a catch.

Most affiliate programs don’t allow you to buy via your affiliate link.

How to avoid that?

One easy way is if you have a registered company. There shouldn’t be a problem that you buy from your own affiliate link. And even if the system recognize you, there shouldn’t be a problem, because the company actually make money from you, and they pay you back some percentage from the purchase.

But, there is another way …

One person from your family register with some affiliate programs, and you buy from his affiliate link.

For example, your wife will be the affiliate, you will buy from her affiliate link and some money will be back in your family budget!


How Much will I Save with This Technique?

Every affiliate program is different! Typically online purchases are at least 10% but can be more.

Only 10%? Not so much …

Wait … stay with us, we are talking about a lot of money.

Do you know that there are sites that pay up to 75% on expensive products? We will show you these later.

And actually, if you start applying this technique now, you will save these 10% and over, on all of your purchases in your life!!!

That’s a lot.

Because when we say:

Save 10% on this and that … today promotion, tomorrow it’s gone.


Save 10% on all of your purchases online in your whole life?

The things look totally different!

You can save a lot of money.

Before we move on, few quick examples.

Say that you spend $10,000 per year for online purchases. That’s $1,000 back, if we count with 10%. In fact the percentage is higher than 10%. We will show you this later in our guide.

What if you don’t buy online too often?

You should! Why not?

If you have interest, if you find products online that are cheaper, then you should start doing this from now.

Who are The Largest Affiliate Programs?


Here is their affiliate program.



Here the things become interesting.

Are you looking for something like guides on make money online, lose weight programs or so on? Most of these are sites that operate under a site called Clickbank. They pay up to 75% per sale. The products are expensive. Most of them are from $30 to $100. There are much more expensive. Now, imagine that you buy and get back up to 75%. For a sale of $100, you get back $75. Not so bad …

Here is a link to their marketplace.

There are many more affiliate programs. Like we have mentioned, almost all online stores have affiliate programs.

Where to find them?

Typically they at the bottom of every site. On every site, you should see a link like “Affiliate Program”, or “Partner Program”. If you can’t find such a link, then research or call them and ask.

How to Make Business from Affiliate Programs?

As we’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t buy via your own affiliate link, because this is considered against the terms. Most affiliate programs don’t allow that. It’s questionable what would happen, if they catch you, because you are their customer, you buy their products and they make money from you. So, the chances to have some consequences are low. In the worst case you risk to lose your account and all of the money in it.

So, to make this 100% legal, ask someone to register with their affiliate programs, and buy via his link. If this is a person from your family, these money will be back in your family budget.

But here is another great idea. How actually to make business from this great saving strategy?

You can make money from this strategy, if you ask other people that you know to buy via your affiliate link. And you pay them back some percentage of what you make.

To make this look legit, you should build a site and place your affiliate links there.

Make the site looks legit, put some content.

And offer it to people that you know.

If they buy, you pay them back some percentage from the money that the affiliate program pay you.

Is this legal?

This actually is not so legal, because most affiliate programs don’t allow you to pay money back. This is considered as non loyal competition, which is not ok.

But … who will know about that?

If you don’t overdo with that strategy, if you offer that only to people who you know, then you are good to go.

If you overdo with that, if you run a type of promotion on your site that you give money back, your affiliate account probably will be banned and you will lose all of the money in it.

All affiliate programs are different. You should check carefully their terms, and ask them if you are not sure.

Are Affiliate Programs Compatible with Credit Card Points, Rebates and so on?


The fact that you buy via affiliate link, doesn’t mean that you can’t use additional ways to save money from your purchases. If you buy with a credit card that give you points for your purchases, your points will be there and you will save from both the affiliate program and the points and all other deals that the advertiser offer.


Affiliate programs are a great way for people to make and save money. However before start doing so, we recommend that you read some topic on that and read carefully the affiliate program terms. Make and save money with affiliate programs.

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