Best Apps to Save Money While Traveling of July 2024

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Summer is already halfway gone. This is the time of the year when most of us go on vacation to recharge our batteries, as the cliche says. If you have not already had your share of travel this year, you are probably thinking of doing so or even getting ready for the trip right now.

As much as we need to recharge our batteries, it often translates to emptying our wallets. That is why we ought to make sure that we do it as economically as possible. All the burden of on-travel money-saving was lying on the travelers’ back in the past. Nowadays, as with most other life areas, technology has made traveling easier. One of the ways technology helps us today is through various apps that enable us to organize better and save money in all stages of our trip.

For this precise reason, ElitePersonalFinance has made a list of ten mobile apps that will help you save money while traveling.


Released in 2016, this is a fairly new app that can be of great help when your flight gets delayed or canceled or not allowed to board the plane for some reason. In such a case, airFair will let you know, within minutes and free of charge, whether you are eligible for compensation.

If you are eligible, you can file a complaint to get back up to 600 EUR (720 USD), and you will only pay a fee to airFair if your complaint is successful.


The first step of each travel actually occurs before the travel itself. To go somewhere, you need to plan your trip first.

That is where Rome2rio can come in handy, as it helps you find out all the options to get from place A to place B, including means of transport and price. Just type in where you are leaving from and where you want to arrive, and it will give you options to choose from.

The app covers a wide range of destinations, even much wider than you could guess from its title.


Hotels can sometimes be very costly, particularly if you visit expensive cities. To solve this problem, you can stay at someone’s home for a much more affordable price. Most hosts include breakfast in the price they charge, so you won’t have to look for food right after waking up the morning following your exhausting trip.


You have already heard of KAYAK so many times, which is exactly one of the reasons we have listed it. I have used it so often, and I was always satisfied by it.

This app offers you an insanely wide choice of hotels, cheap flights, cars for rent, and packages to choose from. You can basically manage all the necessary things for your trip through this app.

It has access to numerous travel websites and acts as a search engine for travel. Pretty advanced, right?


As with many of the apps on this list, you can easily guess its purpose from its name. Overnight will help you find accommodation through people you already know – friends, colleagues, acquaintances. By relying on people’s networks, the app can find locals willing to offer you accommodation. Using this app, you can save up to 60% of the money.


This website is among my favorites. Like Airbnb, it helps you find locals and stay at their place. However, there is one crucial thing that sets these two apps apart. Couchsurfing is free.

That’s right. If you search for a host a couple of months before your arrival, you will probably find a person willing to host you during your stay. You want to pay attention to your potential host’s reviews, which can tell you a lot about how they have treated their guests in the past.


If you are enough of a daredevil and prefer to travel alone, you deserve respect. Traveling alone can sometimes be very exciting. On the other hand, it can also leave you unfulfilled when you have no one to share your experience with.

However, even if you travel on your own, you still might want to meet locals who can show you around the city, have a drink with you, hang out, and try to teach you a couple of words from their language. That is where Tinder is of great help. It uses your location to find people near you, and if you match with them, you can start chatting and possibly meet.

Happy swiping!


You haven’t really experienced a place’s real atmosphere if you haven’t done what locals usually do. Food, museums, nightlife, all of those can make or break your vacation. If you visit the right destinations, you will enjoy your stay feeling like a local. Yelp’s reviews system can help you decide on your next activity. So, if you can’t think of what to do or where to go next, remember: Yelp will help.


One more app that you have probably already heard of. This app combines all the best aspects of other dining apps while emphasizing social networks’ power. You can post a photo of your meal, rate it, share it, and comment on your experience. There are many search options, and you will definitely find a place where you can eat famous local dishes.


So… you arrived at your destination, found a hotel, and had a delicious locally prepared meal. But it feels like something is missing, right? That’s right, a party!

Eventbrite connects people who organize events of all types and sizes with event-goers. It doesn’t have to be a party at all. Here you can find local festivals, exhibitions, tours, and many more activities that can make you feel the genuine atmosphere of the city you are visiting.

We hope that these amazing apps will help you organize your travel effectively and have a fantastic time, be it on a plane, at a restaurant, museum, nightclub, or wherever these apps get you.

We wish you a safe and happy trip!



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