Cheap Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget
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Cheap Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

EPF May 20, 2015

Everyone in this world is entitled to their freedoms. One of the freedoms is to love who ever pleases youor meets your preferences. The wise men once said that love without actions is dead. That is why each and every one of us struggles to keep their spouses happy and smiling or the time. One of the most common activity which helps spouses achieve this is by going for dates. A date may be possible everywhere but our budgets are the main considerations when it comes to choosing a perfect date site or venue. This is the reason why couples need cheap ideas on where to go for a date as their budget can allow.


Go for a house date

Young couple preparing to watch a movie
Young couple preparing to watch a movie


A date needs not to be an expensive affair. I cannot tell who planted the misconception in peoples mind that one has to spend heavily while on a date. It is meant to keep you love life with your spouse at its level best. This is why your own house may also be a perfect date venue.

As a husband you may choose to surprise your wife when she is away. You may choose to decorate your house with flowers of her favorite type. Since you go by her preferences, you can opt to buy her favorite drinks and snacks. Then you arrange all the items you have bought for her in a unique way which is appealing. If your budget again does not allow you to buy all these types of items you have an option to cook her, her favourite meal. You will have to serve it in the utensils she loves most. Since it is said that love blossoms well in places which are poorly lit you may choose not to light any bulbs. Instead you buy candles and light them at strategic places in the house. You can also play her favourite songs. If you are the talented type you can choose to sing for her. By doing this you ensure that the date was a perfect one, while it is still within your budget. This is quite simple but it is completely out of this world since very few people try it out.


How about you visit your in-laws?

After making vows to stay together it is quite ethical to stay away from your parents. No one is comfortable when his or her parents meddle with their love life. Due to this reason very few couples constantly stay in touch with their parents. At times it might be a couple of months or years.

This is why couples who are on a budget can choose to visit their in laws. You may take a few gifts to them a sign of appreciation and by this your budget is reduced. Some people may argue that a date is strictly meant for two people but I find this ridiculous and false. While at your in-laws place this provides a chance for you to open up about you childhood memories. The male species gets to learn more of her spouses in-laws’ and the vice versa is absolutely true.

This kind of a date is not only unique but also a learning experience. You get to interact more with your spouse and most likely you will acquire something new. This will help build your love on a solid foundation, since you have nothing to hide from each other.


Go for a nature walk together

Portrait of a happy mature couple outdoors
Portrait of a happy mature couple outdoors


Love must be cultivated for it to grow well. This brings the need for couples to unwind from their daily struggles. You may have had disagreements with your spouse but it is time to put them off and live happily again. Due to this you need to get away from the normal atmosphere which you are used to at home or around the environs.

A nature walk for a couple which is on a budget is the perfect getaway. There is this park or a captivating scenery which is a few miles from your home. One of you might have visited the place before or both of you, but you have never been there together. You will only be needed to pay for the transport. If it is a gazette area then at times you may be needed to pay entry fee or free entry. Since you are local tourists you are at an advantage. This ensures that the amount of money you spend is very little. You may spend the little money not forgetting that you had a good time together and enjoyed the walk. Definitely this is a perfect date idea for a couple which is on a budget.


Attend a charity event or a social gathering.

Cupped hands of a man hopefully held up. Cupped hands asking for help or charity
Cupped hands of a man hopefully held up. Cupped hands asking for help or charity

Renowned scholars once said that no man is an island or no man can live alone. In addition it is argued that people who give back to the community are rewarded by God and it is the true measure of riches.

Due to these reasons couples which are on a budget may choose to attend a charity event and contribute the little they have. The other option is attend a social gathering and exchange ideas with other people. While at the events the couples get to introduce each other to their friends. It is so obvious that when your spouse introduces you to his or her friends it shows how much they treasure you and adore you. Couples who have experienced this before can attest that during such events one gets to see the character of your spouse while away from home, work or the in-laws’.

Couples who have tried the above analyzed options can concur to that; the end results are always awesome. This is because you get to enjoy quality time while with your spouse and you experience another aspect of companionship. The most important thing is that you get to spend very little cash, thus you stay within the limits of your budgets. It is my conclusion that the above text has been of help to you, and you should try the practices while you are on a budget with your spouse.

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