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The Best Way to Make a Lot of Money as a Freelancer and Always Love What You are Doing

EPF July 4, 2020

Work from the comfort of your home and make money. Make a lot of money free and easy. Become a freelancer, complete projects and get paid.

Sounds great!

Many people like this idea.

In fact freelancing work is something that millions of people have tried. But have all of these people succeeded?

Statistics show that:

  • 90% of the freelancers make nothing.
  • 9% of the freelancers make something but not a lot.
  • Only 1% of the freelancers make the big money.

How to be among these 1%? An easy or a very complicated task, you’d ask?

For some of you it could be complicated, but for other who know what they are doing, it would be very easy task. It’s all about you.

Here is how?

Provide only things that you love and understand. And become the best in your niche!

That is.

Do only things that you know and understand and soon you will find how easy will be to become the best provider.

If you start doing what you love and understand you will find so many gaps in your niche. Then you will improve them and you will see how easy would be to become one of the best in your niche.

Believe it or not that is true and it is much more easy than you think.

The truth about freelance providers is:

The quality of the freelancing work is very low!

We know this from our personal experience.

And you can take advantage from this!

Think on that. People who offer low quality of work, make money and even get a lot of great feedback (because they always ask for this). This means that there is a good news for you. You can start offering high quality services and make much more than all other people in your niche.

Many Freelancer Have No Idea What They are Doing

This is a fact! We at ElitePersonalFinance have accounts in many freelancer sites. We often hire people who help us in writing content, improving our site and ect. Some people who write for our site are freelancers for example.

But finding them was not easy at all!

Finding writes is easy, but finding high qualified writers is not an easy task at all.

We have posted over 1,000 job offer!

90% of the people who bid on our projects had no idea what they are doing!

Back on the statistic that we have provided.

Statistics show that:

  • 90% of freelancers make nothing.
  • 9% of freelancers make something but not a lot.
  • Only 1% of the people make the big money.

Now let’s rewrite these numbers that way:

  • 90% of the freelancers have no idea what they are doing at all!
  • 9% of freelancers have idea what they are doing but the quality of their service is very low.
  • Only 1% of the people know what they are doing.

Very close values…

These number don’t cover on 100%, because:

  • There are some low qualified but tricky freelancers, who know how to get clients.
  • There are qualified freelancers who can’t get clients for some reason.

But overall things are more than obvious!

Provide high quality work and you will succeed!

Do You Have to be an Expert in Order to Succeed?

Not actually!

First of all qualified experts are only people who have some documents for that. These are professional who have some level of required education.

And from these people that are legit expert, do you think that all provide the same level quality of work?

No …

Do you know what you are an expert, but you didn’t know about this?

Do you know that you can make a lot of money from your skills?

You probably are expert without having some papers that prove that…

Let’s explain that.

Are you good in video creation for example?

Recently we came across on one person who work as a spokeman. This person have made over $100,000 only for creating client videos. He love his job. When he get a project, he try not only just to complete it. He always try to understand his clients business, and help them by adding value into their business with his video.

This scenario definitely differ from a person who only try to get more clients, to charge them more, to try to complete his job fast, but make some gimmicks like adding some background or effect in his videos, thinking that clients would like them.

This scenario definitely differ from some company, presenting them like top video provider. A company who try to automate his work by trying to multiply their income. They probably will provide you with some certificates. Actually who cares about that …

Who is the expert from these?

It’s more than obvious that number one is the best expert from these, although he don’t have some qualification level.

He was a very communicate person, who just love to create videos.

He love what he is doing and he probably is the best expert.

Does video creation require some certificates?


The example present carefully a case of a type of work where people don’t need some special certification, but can become actually experts and make a lot of money.

Do This One Thing and You Will Succeed!

Let’s start with an example.

We hired a writer. His task was to add an article about credit cards. After we read the article we found that he repeated ElitePersonalFinance over 10 times.

ElitePersonalFinance provide the best credit cards.

ElitePersonalFinance have the best experts.

ElitePersonalFinance this and that …

It turns to a type of promotion article.

Now, let’s say that you are visit our site, looking for a credit card. What would you prefer?

  • To get some information on credit cards, to get tips on how to choose the best one for you, or:
  • To read things like: we do this, we do that and so on.

What you’d do, after you read this article?

You’ll instantly leave our site and won’t get back again.

You will find other better sites than our and learn from them.

What we try to explain here is that, when you provide some type of work, always try to provide value to them.

Actual value for your clients differ from ways to try to be liked by them.

How much money would we make from such a promotional article? Nothing, in fact we would lose many clients.

The key here is:

Provide something that work for your clients!

If you only try to make your work looking to like to them, because you repeat 10 times ElitePersonalFinance for example, this doesn’t work.

Try to provide them with something that they have interest.

If we hire you to write article on credit cards and people like it, this would probably means that people will link to it, share it and we will wee make some sales from its quality. Then we would definitely be interested to work with you again, to give you more work and increase your payouts.

The thing is that in many cases clients don’t understand that the right way.

In these cases you should always try to explain and help them.

The Biggest Mistake for Freelance Companies Who Try to Automate The Process and Multiply Their Earnings

There are many people with business mindset. They are not here to work. They are here create a business. They try to hire many people who work for them and that way make much more money.


You hire 100 web designers, you find them work and you get 50% of what they make.

Sounds great.

You will only organize the process and get percentage from the earnings of other people.

Does it always work that way?


And why?

Probably, because of many reasons, but …

There actually is one very important that we will try to explain here.

Think how to make $1 and repeat the process 1 million times, instead of thinking how to make $1 Million.

All of the people that are with a business mindset think how to make millions.

It’s not incorrect to think how to make millions.

It’s about how to approach to this.

Again, think on how to organize quality work.

Think how to organize high quality work, set some standards and then start to hire people who you’ll teach how to work under your standards.

This works!


Freelancing work is not for everyone. Freelancing work could be for everyone who understand how to organize it correctly.

All people can do this – false!

Everyone can do this – correct!

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