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How to Cut Duplicate Expenses from Your Budget?

EPF Last Update: June 4, 2020

What are duplicate expenses? Duplicate expenses are expenses which occur more than once in you budget allocations. These kinds of expenses may even occur more than twice or thrice in your budget.

To get clear view of what duplicate expenses are, an example will be clearly analyzed for you. For instance take a person who chooses to vacate from one house and move to another. In addition assume he takes about one year to sell or rent the old house. He will be needed to pay for electricity, water and gas charges in both houses. This is what we call duplicate expenses.

In the 21st century duplicate expenses are a common phenomenon. These expenses are slowly eating up our salaries and incomes. It is very difficult to note the effect of duplicate expenses in the short run but in the long run the effects are severely felt. Due to this reason some clear formula or steps need to be taken to alleviate this vice from our budgets.

Maintaining Records of You Previous and Current Budgets

One major mistake people make is by not maintaining records of their budgets. Once the shopping is done and the bill or taxes are paid no one is interested in keeping the receipts any more. One may wonder what the importance of the receipt is after the transaction is complete. For instance it may be used as approve of payment. In reference to solving our main problem, one should check on the totals in related receipts. An example is when you shopping monthly. The expenses should be almost in one range expect in some few exceptions. If you note a wide margin between some two months then you need to re check why the wide margin. One of the possible causes may be a duplicate expense. You will be able to note the expense and avoid repeating it on the next time you do your shopping. If you never maintain your receipts it is very hard for you to discover such an error. The duplicate expense will continue costing you extra cash regularly.

Strictly Paying for Items / Services Accounted for on Your Budget

Most important for this principle to hold you must have prepared a budget in advance. A large percentage of us never recognize the importance of a preparing a budget in advance. This explains the reason why you pay for you shopping/services and bills randomly. By paying randomly another aspect slowly creeps in that you might have paid for a similar item or service twice. This is absolutely duplicating your expenses. If you were wise enough you should have prepared a budget in advance and set aside some little cash for items, which you might have forgot to include in the budget. Once you have an already prepared budget once you cash on an item you should mark it as paid for in the budget. By doing this you will ensure that you rarely pay for an item twice without you noticing.

For the above principle to function well in the case of married people inclusiveness must be observed. You need to sit down with your spouse and kids if need be and come up with one large budget. This will ensure that everyone is satisfied with the budget in that household.

Engaging The Services of a Specialist / Professional in that Field

The world is densely populated currently. Our thinking capacity is not the same to all of us. Each and every one of us got their weaknesses and strong points. Some of us might be very good at coming up with budgets while others are extremely poor at this. This may lead to people having a lot of duplicated expenses in their budgets. Thus the need to employ the services of a specialist in this area arises. To hire the services of the specialist may be an extra cost in your budget but it is worth it.

This is because without his or her services most likely you will make that mistake almost the whole of your life time. In addition you may realize it when its too late. When you hire the services of the professional you will be guided for only a short period of time. Once you create a budget with the expert twice or thrice onward you will find yourself coming up with the budget alone. This eliminates any chances of you having duplicated expenses in your budget. Thus the cost of hiring a professional in the short run was an extra burden added to you but in the long run it turns out to be a profitable venture.

Having a Constrained Budget

It may sound ridiculous but this can turn out to be of help to you. A constrained budget is a budget in which only the vital necessities are bought then if in case any money remains, you save or invest it.At most of the times duplicate expenses arises due to impulse buying. The constrained budget will help you check on impulse buying. If impulse buying is done away with then duplicated expenses in your budget due to this vice will be long gone. It may also have another advantage to you since you tend to save and invest more than you recurrent expenditure is.In case one is a spendthrift then having a constrained budget may be hard for them. If this is the case one may need to hire the services of an expert in the above field.

It is my humble belief that the above highlighted steps will help you do away with duplicate expenses in your budget. If duplicate expenses are done away with that means our income will be more than sufficient to cater for our needs. If our vital needs are catered for then engaging in luxuries is the next viable option. The dilemma of re-paying loans acquired for a certain venture is long gone since you will need no more loans.

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