IdentityForce Rated Number 1 Identity Theft Protection by Industry Awards

Last Update: May 28, 2020 Financial News

A couple of days ago, IdentityForce Inc. announced that it had earned a number of industry awards in the Stevie Awards competition. By the way, for all those unfamiliar with IdentityForce, this company is a pioneer in the field of identity theft protection solutions and services. This year, it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The awards it received include, among others, the title of the winner of a People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite New Products for the second year in a row in the Identity and Access Security Solutions category. IdentityForce has received strong support from the general public for the best Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite. Last year, this company received this award in the same category for its UltraSecure+Credit product.

In addition to the first prizes IdentityForce has won, its Social Media Identity Monitoring Suite won the second prize in the Stevie Awards for New Product or Service of the Year for Identity and Access Security Solutions. Also, in the category Best Overall Web Design, the IdentityForce website earned a bronze Stevie Award.

The CEO of the company, Steven Bearak, stated that the board and the staff were ‘humbled by the repeat recognition and new awards we have received not only from industry pundits but from the awards that require voting from the overall community’. He added that the identity theft protection market is crowded and confusing and that his company is revolutionizing the market thanks to the experience of its members and trust they have built, as well as their agility and flexibility.

But the awards that IdentityForce won don’t end there. It was also named as the top identity theft protection solution on TopTenReviews, Tom’s Guide and other independent review sites. TopTenReviews stated that it is decades of IdentityForce experience of working with citizens and governmental and commercial agencies that enable it to offer great service, which is backed up by the fact that it has $1 million identity theft insurance.

About IdentityForce

IdentityForce has been the leader in the identity theft protection market. For 40 years, this company has provided the best identity theft, privacy and credit protection solutions to government agencies, businesses and consumers. With the help of IdentityForce, you can benefit from the top-notch identity theft protection services that go as deep as Dark Web monitoring in order to keep personal information safe.

This company is a pioneer of identity protection and its innovation and customer-centric approach have made it a trusted partner not only for organizations but for individuals as well. The custom programs offered to organizations by this company enable them to build closer bonds and partnerships, as well as additional revenue streams. The efforts of IdentityForce have been acknowledged by the U.S. government, which, in 2015, awarded the company elite Tier One status as an approved provider of identity theft protection services for data breaches that affected more than 21.5 million people.



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