IdentityForce Review of February 2024

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So, who is protecting your identity? From becoming the first ID theft company to issue an ID Theft Victim Bill of Rights to providing groundbreaking products such as ChildWatch, IdentityForce is utterly unique in the field of identity theft protection. If you are eager to discover more about IdentityForce and the different services they offer, then continue reading, and we will help you understand them in detail.

What is IdentityForce?

Since its launch in 2005, IdentityForce has gradually grown into a leading identity theft protection provider. It was initially launched as Bearak Reports Division, Inc., a reputable background screening provider and asset search service provider. IdentityForce basically focuses on government agencies as well as businesses and individuals.

IdentityForce’s main office is based in Framingham, Massachusetts, with another location in Washington, DC. The company is a (GSA) General Services Administration ratified federal government contractor and has the General Services Administration’s credit monitoring blanket purchase agreement specially designed for agencies succumbing to data and security breaches. As a matter of fact, IdentityForce is the largest provider of ID theft protection services for the government of the United States of America.

Moreover, IdentityForce is the first company to issue an ID Theft Victim Bill of Rights. This bill was intended to outline businesses and organizations’ various responsibilities when they experience security breaches that expose customers’ and even employees’ data at risk of theft.

What is so good about IdentityForce? Why is it recommended by so many people? Is it able to protect my Identity? Here is a breakdown of some of the services it offers.

Is IdentityForce a Scam?

If you are still not sure whether IdentityForce will protect your identity, then you have the option of taking a 14-day free trial. That way, you will be in a position to experience first-hand the services before subscribing to a fully paid membership. It may interest you to know that not all ID theft protection services will provide their customers with a free trial, which basically makes the IdentityForce trial option appealing. Well, I’m sure 2 weeks is not long, but it is certainly enough time to give you a sense of why IdentityForce is the right company for you and why it actually protects Identity.

Why Join IdentityForce?

So why exactly should you choose IdentityForce to protect your identity? What services exactly does it offer?

  • Delete personal data online

IdentityForce offers you a clear report of all your sensitive personal data that has been publicized and appears on the Internet. If, in any case, you come across any information that is incorrect or poses a danger to the safety of your identity, worry less because IdentityForce can help you remove it. You might be revealing much more of your personal data on the Internet than you realize. Still, IdentityForce will, without a doubt, assist you in minimizing this by making it more difficult for fraudsters to get hold of your personal information and use it to make illegal purchases. This is not something that most other identity protection services provide, and it can be precious to have.

  • Online protection software

Besides monitoring your credit reports and crucial personal information, IdentityForce also offers you keylogging software that protects you against any malware that might end up stealing your vital personal data. Also include the Anti-phishing software, which normally helps you identify and prevent phishing websites – sites set up to look like an original company’s website to deceive you into entering sensitive personal information. Even though these products are not a major component of an ID theft protection service, you can appreciate IdentityForce for being preemptive and offering these tools to help prevent their clients from becoming identity theft victims in the first place.

  • Solutions intended for businesses

With IdentityForce, you can get Rapid Response data breach solutions that assist companies that have lost their confidential information to fraudsters. Data breach situations are extremely dangerous to both clients and businesses.

This distinctive fraud prevention service uses a much more advanced ID analytics engine that looks for potentially stolen data. IdentityForce combs your personal data in online chat rooms, public records, and even websites that traffic illegal data. If IdentityForce notices any possible identity fraud, it immediately notifies you. It also sends fraud signals to your credit card company. Owing to this service, you can replace lost IDs and cancel each card if you lose your wallet.

This ID theft prevention company also assists you in protecting your identity by yourself. One of the many ways is giving an identity health score that functions similarly to a credit score. With the health score, you can know how you share and use your personal data to scale from safe to risky. One can easily use this information to make themselves less of a target for identity theft.

  • Recovery assistance

Even with continuous monitoring, there is always a chance some intelligent fraudsters will get a hold of your personal information. In identity theft, the service links you to a licensed identity theft risk specialist who will help resolve the fraud and restore your identity. Without a doubt, this will help save time you would otherwise be spent filling out paperwork, doing all of the legwork, and making phone calls to restore your identity.

Additionally, IdentityForce offers ID theft insurance of up to $1 million to cover refiling fees for loans, losses of income or other applications denied because of identity theft, and salaries lost whilst dealing with these issues.

  • Help and support

IdentityForce has outstanding customer service, which includes a helpful live chat service. Representatives are always available round the clock to answer all your questions and provide assistance if you suspect or even get an alert that your identity is in danger. Additionally, the website has a list of FAQs covering the company’s products along with a library of informational articles on how to keep your identity safe. The site also has a wide selection of absolutely free ID protection resources, for example, an identity restoration toolkit and an identity theft risk quiz. Additionally, you can learn from the many reviews from those who have tried the service.

Additional Features – IdentityForce Review

Since children are more vulnerable to ID theft than adults, this service allows you to include your children in your plan for a small extra fee. It also keeps you informed of credit reports for everybody on your plan.

IdentityForce provides you with mail list removal services to its customers to get you off those spontaneous offers for car insurance and credit cards. These emails can be not only irritating but also dangerous to your identity. Fraudsters can pull your vital information from your trash and apply for credit cards using your name. It also offers you a free suite of computer security programs to assist you in averting online identity theft.

So, what are these unique products being offered by IdentityForce? Below is a detained of each of the services.

Products and Services:

  • Child Watch
  • Ultra-Secure
  • Ultra-Secure + Credit Identity Theft Protection

Child Watch IdentityForce Protection

As a matter of fact, child watch is the most basic identity theft protection service offered by IdentityForce. It is specially designed to prevent child identity theft by providing the following:

Preemptive credit monitoring. Informs users immediately a fraudster tries to use their child’s identity to create a new credit line.

Identity monitoring. Scans hundreds if not thousands of online resources to identify the transfer or sale of sensitive personal information of the child.

Unluckily, IdentityForce does not offer pricing information exclusively for this particular package. Feel free to contact IdentityForce in case you want to purchase this service for your child.

Ultra-Secure IdentityForce Protection

Identity score and report services. It helps evaluate the many risks of identity theft and offers tips on avoiding becoming an identity theft victim in the future.

Medical ID fraud protection. IdentityForce regularly reviews its users’ medical statements to ensure that no one is claiming their medical benefits.

Identity threat alerts. Notifications are provided whenever crucial personal information is at risk, maybe because of data breaches.

Fraud alert reminder. It help prevents fraudsters from creating lines of credit in the user’s name.

Anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software. Guarantees that all users are safe when working or transmitting data online.

Lost wallet assistance. Revokes and replaces stolen or lost credit cards, debit cards, and even ATMs.

Identity restoration consultants. Available around the clock to ensure that an identity theft victim’s identity is restored within a short time, these licensed experts will do all of the leg work needed to restore the user’s identity.

The typical cost of the Ultra-Secure IdentityForce plan is $12.99/month or $179.50 annually.

Ultra-Secure + Credit

This is the premier plan IdentityForce has to offer. The services provided in this package include all of the features you will get in the Ultra-Secure protection plan, as well as the following:

  • Daily monitoring of your credit via all the 3 major credit bureaus.
  • Easy access to score tracking services, your credit score, and even credit report.

The average cost of Ultra-Secure plus credit monitoring services is $19.99 every month and $239.50 annually.

Family Plan

This is just as crucial as all the sensitive information with the correct family ID theft protection plan. In this era of the Internet and electronic data, all our sensitive personal information circulates faster than we can imagine. Definitely, there are thieves ready to take advantage of this. So, if your family uses the Internet, searches for jobs, shops, or even socializes online, use credit cards and ATMs, then your family is very much exposed to identity theft. IdentityForce family plan is the perfect plan for your entire family. With this plan, your family will be offered continuous monitoring of their data online. Plus, an immediate alert in case any of their personal details is used anywhere.

According to This IdentityForce Review, is it Right for You?

Well, we all must admittedly confess that IdentityForce is not the cheapest method of identity theft protection available out there. However, you actually get exactly what you pay for. For way less than $13 per month, IdentityForce protects social security numbers (SSN), loans, lease information, credit cards, and other personal identity data. If you are looking for an appropriate identity theft protection service in the market, we highly recommend going for IdentityForce.


IdentityForce offers exceptional identity theft protection. Monitoring your identity in almost everything from criminal records to public records and even credit history. This company ensures that every threat to your identity is uncovered and handled promptly. If actual identity theft occurs, you can be sure that this service will take care of you with a dedicated spirit to assist in repairing the damage.

With this review, we’re now sure that you have clearly understood why IdentityForce should be your ultimate choice when it comes to protecting you from identity theft.

So, before we call this a wrap, allow us to bother you with some wanting facts. Did you know that ID theft is among the fastest-growing crimes in America? More than 10 million are victims last year alone. ID theft affects people of all ages and incomes. It can easily ruin your credit, so it won’t be easy to get a car loan, mortgage loan, or even a phone. It could destroy your reputation and finances in its wake, and it surely takes several hours to try and turn it around.

Don’t wait for all these to happen to you or your loved one…

Subscribe to a suitable IdentityForce plan today and stay risk-free!



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