Smart Ways of Settling Your Holiday Debts 2020

Smart Ways of Settling Your Holiday Debts 2020

EPF Last Update: December 16, 2019

Enjoying a holiday season is one thing, but repaying for it is a different experience. Did you overspend this holiday season? Are you wondering on how to free yourself from the huge debts? Do not worry since the outstanding credit debt in America will be turning to 3.9 trillion by the year 2020; meaning that, everyone else is operating on deficits. However, if your debt is overburdening its essential to repay it on time since the imposed monthly interest keeps ballooning it. Below are some incredible ways of settling this holiday debt without necessarily affecting your lifestyle.

Do Not Ignore the Loan
Now that you know you owe a financial institution or individual think on how to repay them. Defaulting is not an option since there are other holidays ahead. Remember, each month interest is accumulating on the principal loan subjecting your properties to a risk of being auctioned. Secondly, analyze the bigger picture of your debt for instance; your total loan, interest rates, and the monthly repayment to avoid underestimations.

Establish a Detailed Budget
After understanding your loan, analyze your regular income and your day-to-day expenses. It will help you cut the operational costs by eliminating the unnecessary costs. Also, try to minimize your monthly bills and live within your means. Otherwise, you will get yourself into more debts while trying to live a fake life. Remember, the faster you repay it, the better.

Set an Instalment
Depending on your monthly income, expenses and the amount of debt set a possible rate of repaying your debt. If you borrowed it from a friend or relative, negotiate together and agree on the repayment plan. If you owe it to a financial institution, try to repay it as required. In case of extra cash, you can surpass the agreed instalment for a quick settlement.

Prioritize Your Debts
In case you have more than a single debt, list them in the order of urgency. After that, settle the earlier ones first. If all of them are payable within the same period, you can try to negotiate with your creditors and come up with amicable instalments depending on the amount owed.

Find an Extra Source of Income
If the borrowings are overwhelming, find a “side hustle” to help you in settling it. For example; if you work on a monthly basis, you can invest in small businesses to cater for your regular payments or help you pay your recurring expenditures as you finalize your loan repayment. You can also find night and weekend jobs to manage your usual expenses.  You never know, this tip may help you to save for the next holiday season.

Set Targets
After analyzing your debts, it’s thoughtful to establish a reward after getting to a particular milestone. For example, if you owe a friend $1,000 you can plan on rewarding yourself by visiting you Favorite Park after reaching $300 point. It will motivate you toward meeting the mark. Remember, loan payment shouldn’t be a punishment.

Sell Out Unnecessary Gifts and Belongings
A festive season associates with shopping and gifts. In case you had bought or received non-useful presents, you can sell them and use the cash to settle the overburdening loans. Secondly, you can also sell out all the unwanted items and properties from your home for the same. After that, dedicate all the profit to your holiday debts. Remember to value your properties appropriately to avoid more losses.


Keep Away Your Credit Card
“Out of sight, out of mind.” Credit card usage may be the reason why you overspend during the holiday. Get used to using your debit card until you settle your previous debts to avoid overloading yourself with more obligations. Disturbing debts can subject one to health issues such as depression and high blood pressure. If possible, remove it from the wallet while going out.


Approach a Financial Institution
Sometimes, desperate moments demands extreme measures. If you are entitled to a monthly salary, you can compile all your holiday debts and approach a financial institution for settlements. Afterwards, the installments can be slashed out from your pay in confidential. If you are a businessperson, it’s convenient to owe one creditor than many.

Dedicate Your Work Bonuses Towards the Debts
Some employers are generous to the extent of giving out various bonuses on holidays and within the year. Do not gift yourself unnecessarily; inject the premium into the debts, and you will enjoy repaying your distressing amount without deducting a coin from your income.

Change Your Habits
Take a moment and analyze your habits; if you are a spendthrift gain some conscious before purchasing a thing. For instance, avoid visiting your favorite fashion designer or passing through a “tempting” street in town to run away from impulse buying. It is manageable by twisting your mind into cutting down your daily expenses and concentrate on necessities.

Ask for a Profession Advice
If you cannot stick to repaying your holiday debts, take a firm step of visiting a financial adviser on the matter. However, it would be best if you were genuine while contacting them to ensure that you get the necessary assistance.


Since every financial year has existing holidays, it’s wise enough to prior save on holiday expenses. Because; debts can be very distressing which exposes you to severe health issues. Secondly, try to eliminate the anxiety associated with holidays since it pushes one to overspend. Lastly, it’s recommendable to live within your means to avoid such difficulties. If you incurred some debts this holiday, you could try the above tips on smart ways to settle your holiday loans.

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