There is Only One Legit Way to Boost Your Credit Score Fast

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And here it is.

Go to, request your credit score from all credit bureaus, and review it for errors.

So obvious, so easy, and super effective!


According to many studies, about 30% of credit reports have errors on them. And you have no idea about that. You are not responsible for that. But your credit score is in an awful stand.

This is a common scenario that could happen to anyone. In most cases, these are technical mistakes.

But it could also be identity theft. Identity theft could hurt your credit score for a long time.

What Should I Do if I Find Errors on My Credit Report?

According to FTC, you should report them to credit bureaus. Here is their guide on that. According to the instructions from FTC, you should send letters to all bureaus and explain the situation. You should give all details about these errors and request them to be deleted from your file. After that, you should get your credit report again and see the changes. These changes should instantly be sent to your lender or credit card issuer to update your information.

It will be great also to contact the institution that posted these items. Discuss with them why that is. It could be a technical mistake. Request them to report it to all credit bureaus. This is another way to boost your credit score fast.

You are With Higher Credit Score, Now What?

If you have been denied a loan because of your low credit score, now is the time to contact your lender and explain why. Your chances to get a loan are higher, and you should expect a higher amount and lower APR.

If you have a credit card from some institution, let them know about these changes. You can apply for a higher limit or other credit cards for good credit with your new credit score.

We at ElitePersonalFinance find this trick working great. Every day people come here and ask us for advice about loans and credit cards. Most of the people who contact us are with bad credit. We started to give them this advice. And the effect was unbelievable. Most of the people contacted us with positive news.

We highly recommend that you start checking your credit score more often if it has already happened to you. It would be best if you didn’t allow this to happen again.

Every American is allowed to request his credit report once per year from AnnualCreditReport. But that is not enough. You should constantly check your credit score for changes. That’s why you should also consider credit monitoring or identity theft protection.

Some companies offer this for free. The top of them are:




But there are many more. All of them have some paid plans, but their basic plans are free.

If you are interested in more advanced protection, you should consider a paid credit monitoring service.

Understand Credit Report Errors

According to myFICO, one of the most common reasons for errors is that someone with your name has applied. It is a technical mistake that credit bureaus make.

It could be some misconception about your name, address, or so on.

Some credit activities, like paying a credit card minimum or loan monthly, could lead to the wrong place for some reason.

One activity has been reported more than one time, which lowers your credit score.

Your closed account could be left unreported.

And the worst.

It could be identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the highest-rising crimes in the US.

There are many cases of identity theft that we discuss on our site.

So, if we have to classify the reasons for your credit card errors, here are they:

  • Technical mistakes by credit bureaus.
  • Technical mistakes by lenders or creditors.
  • Identity theft.

How Fast I Will See The Changes in My Credit Score?

No one can tell you exactly what you should expect. When the errors are not significant in some cases, you shouldn’t expect significant changes in your credit score. If they are significant, then your credit score could improve significantly.

The average time will be a month.

Not too fast, you will say.

Ok, but let’s mention that all other ways to boost your credit score affect it in many months. So a raise in a month could be considered relatively fast.



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