Bad Credit and in a Union? The Union Plus Card

Last Update: February 13, 2021 Credit Card Reviews

The Union Plus Card is a new card that Capital One created to offer many benefits to cardholders who belong to a union. With this credit card, you can even sign up for benefit alerts to find out about a ton of extras like:

  • Scholarships.
  • Discounts.
  • Financial services offered to you.

But if you are a union member, getting the Union Plus Card is no brainier … and we’ll explain why!

What makes The Union Plus Card Great?

Because it was specifically created to benefit union workers, which means the benefits are catered to you!

Capital One realized that union workers (and everyone else) sometimes have a hard time paying bills. This is why they offer benefits like saving 15% on your AT&T bills, access to coupons, and even the option to sign up for text message or email alerts with more discounts that can help around the house and help with your next billing cycle.

AFL-CIO Endorsed

Did you know that the Union Plus Card is the only card fully endorsed by the AFL-CIO, America’s leading union organization? That means that it’s specifically made for union workers and upheld on a pedestal in the world of credit. More than 2 million union members currently use the Union Plus Card, which says a lot about its integrity.

Educational Resources

When you sign up for a Union Plus Card, you’ll be granted access to educational resources, which is amazing for those wanting to save money or gain more knowledge in the field of their current craft. You’ll have access to prep courses, online degree programs, and even scholarships within these resources.

Union Plus Bill Pay

Sometimes, credit cards offer a terrible system for billing cycle payments. Thanks to the Union Plus Card, you don’t have to worry about that. With their online bill pay service, you can schedule payments up to 90 days in advance or pay the night before.

They also offer:

  • AutoPay.
  • Pay what you can.
  • Billing notice 6 days before the payment due.

When you opt-in for the 6-day pre-posted payment method option, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay your bill. Companies like Sprint often send the next bill 3 weeks in advance, confusing customers when they should pay and for which month; some even forget they had to pay, but with Union Plus, you’re sent your bill 6 days before the payment is due. You can even post your payment on the same day if it is paid before 8:00 PM EST!

More Benefits of the Union Plus Card

Want more out of your alerts? With the Union Plus Card, you’re able to schedule email and mobile alerts and monitor your activity!

Keep track of:

  • Payment due dates
  • Payments received
  • Monthly statements
  • Recent transactions
  • Credits and refunds
  • Large purchases
  • Unusual activity
  • Cash advances available
  • Personalized offers and discounts

Pros of The Union Plus Credit Card

  • Ability to apply for the Union Plus Scholarship Program.
  • Ability to apply for the Union Plus Loan Program.
  • Credit lines anywhere between $500-$15,000.
  • Limited foreign transaction fees (great for vacations).
  • Allowance of 2 skipped payments without any penalty against cardholder.
  • No annual fees!

If these weren’t enough for you to apply, there are even more great cardholders’ features. But first, you have to have an account in good standing for 3 months.

Typically, these benefits are not available for regular credit cards, but they really get the best!

For example … have you lost your income due to an illness or disability?

The Union Plus Card offers disability grants, job loss grants, hospital grants, and even strike grants. These grants range from $300 to upwards of $2,700.

  • Job loss grants – $300
  • Strike grants – $300
  • Hospital grants – $1,200
  • Disability grants – upwards of $2,700

The Union Plus Card even offers disaster relief grants for those affected by natural disasters, and their current work cannot completely support the repairs or extras. This is typically a $500 grant.

Cons of The Union Plus Card

But with a great credit card with lots of pros, there are some cons to having this card. But even with those cons, you’re able to avoid careful monitoring of your card and careful usage.

There are only a few cons to this card, but it makes the benefits much more worthwhile.

  • Interest rates are skyrocketed up to 23%.
  • Balance transfer fees are typically 4%, while other competitors are only 3% and lower.
  • If you want to take out a cash advance, the APR can be seen as extremely high.

These may deter you from actually signing onto using the credit card, but if you’re in a union, we know you love security. With a card like the Union Plus Card, you’re able to have safety by using it for emergencies and raking in its benefits.

More Reasons to Apply for The Union Plus Card

When you regularly use a Union Plus Card, you also gain access to traveler’s insurance, discounted entertainment, and more coupons than you could ever imagine!

We know we’ve told you about the coupons already, but did you know that the travelers’ insurance could give you up to $100,000 in case of emergencies?

These types of emergencies include accidents, cancellations, medical emergencies, and much more.

You can also earn points for using the convenience store near your house!

These benefits are all free, of course.

The Union Plus Card gives life back to those who have to work extremely hard for the life they want. With so many discounts, you won’t have to work yourself to death anymore, and you can save real money for paying off other bills!

If you use it wisely, you will have no problems with the cons. If you’re a new union worker who wants to build credit, this is a great card to do so. Over 2 million union members currently use this card, and the Union Plus Card reviews speak very positively.

Ultimately, the most significant part about this card is that the company gives jobs to workers within the U.S, allowing them to be in a union.



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