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Aventium Credit Card Review – Should Customers Steer Clear?

EPF Last Update: June 7, 2020

You have possibly heard of some unscrupulous financing options available strictly for consumers with credit ratings that are poor. Nevertheless, most consumer believe that the Aventium credit card has tremendously plummeted to an all-time low. If you have a damaged credit, then you most likely want it repaired. You’ve perhaps rummaged far and wide only to be confronted with this kind of financing option as the ultimate choice for consumers with credit ratings that are below average.

The Good News About Aventium Credit Card

Aventium credit card offers consumers with poor credit a golden second chance to restructure their history. This can really be useful as the card does countenance consumers with the worst credit histories a crack at having a credit card. These days, not so many companies offer this. Marketing of the company is well done. Probabilities are, it’s not a scam! Consumers should not be in-essentially worried that providing personal information will lead to potential ID theft. That is not going to be an issue that consumers have to face with this unique financing offering. $95.00 is the security deposit for this financing option. You realize that this is $105 less than what most comparable options ask for. The 1st year’s yearly fee is $75. This is also slightly less than other options.

The Bad News Aventium Credit Card

For you to qualify for Aventium credit card, you have to deposit a certain amount of cash. If you are having a bad credit, this won’t be a bombshell. You will be required to put down $95 to get a credit limit of $300. Even though the annual fee of the first year is $75, that fee will certainly go lower after the end of the first year. It normally drops down to $45. Nevertheless, during your 2nd year, you will start being assessed a monthly service fee of $6.50. If you try to multiply that figure by 12 months and include the annual fee, you will start paying way more than $123 annually. Besides the tons of reviews alluding to the company for poor customer service, you will have to be vigilant if you carry a balance. Generally, the interest rate in the card is about 50%. This is extremely outrageous.

It does make one marvel at how a company can actually provide financing to consumers with these kind of terms. The current reform overlaid card fees in the first year, but the limitations are no longer there after the first year. The card most probably will not be used by anyone else except clients who are desperate to reconstruct their credit ratings. It is crucial that consumers thoroughly read through the Aventium credit card application forms before applying for this kind financial offering.

Who The Aventium MasterCard is for?

Certainly consumers that have bad credit and are desperate to get a credit card can opt to apply for Aventium MasterCard.

  • Credit Rating Required

Bad (Way below 620).

So, What about the Aventium MasterCard?


  • Yearly fee is relinquished the first year.


  • Contemptibly high interest rates.
  • High yearly fee.
  • Extraordinarily high processing fee.
  • Insignificant credit limits.


  • No rewards.


  • 59.9 percent on cash advances and even purchases.


  • The processing fee is $75.
  • Yearly fee is $75 (ignored the first year), billed at $6.25 monthly.
  • Late payment fee goes up to $35.
  • Returned item fee goes up to $35.
  • The fee of increasing a credit limit is 20% of the credit line increase.

Aventium MasterCard Review

Are you sure that you are seeing everything? Here is the breakdown.

The APR is 59.9%. That is plus the $75 processing set-up fee as well as the $75 yearly fee starting in the 2nd year (billed to the consumer account at $6.25 monthly). And all a consumer gets for that is an insignificant $300 credit limit.

If you are looking to have a bigger credit limit, then you will have to pay even more fees. Every time a consumer’s account is worthy and ratified for a credit limit increase, he or she will be charged a fee equal to 20% of the credit limit increase. For instance, if you’re permitted for a $100.00 upsurge, then you will be charged $20.00, which is normally added to your balance. Meaning that your credit limit increase will not actually be $100 but $75. And obviously that balance will be earn that 60% APR the whole time.

The all-out credit limit surge is always $100, and a consumer will not be entitled to get one for at least 13 months after opening his or her account.

This card is normally give out by First Premier Bank, which similarly issues same cards using the names Centennial Gold and first premier bank gold MasterCard.

Another type of credit card is the Aventium classic Credit Card.

Aventium Classic Credit Card

Aventium Classic Credit Card is a MasterCard given out by the First Premier Bank. Just Like many other cards given out by First Premier Bank, the Aventium Classic Credit Card is believed to be one of the moderately secured credit cards available today. That is, if permitted, cardholders pays a $75.00 deposit to be entitled to an initial $300.00 credit line.

And that is why comparing different credit cards with our credit card chaser tool can be extremely helpful when it comes to saving money!

The First Premier Bank has been assisting consumers for almost a century. In the last 20 years, this financial company has strictly focused on the “sub-prime” borrower marketplace. The bank has helped many consumers with poor credit ratings to rebuild their credit. But, the costs of transforming credit has caused particular individuals to nickname the Aventium Classic Credit Card a “fee harvester.”

For those opting for convenience, then the online management of the credit card will be perfect. All you need to have are the Aventium credit card login details.

Online Credit Card Management

Access your credit card account info anytime.

  • Assessment of current account activity.
  • Updating of account data.
  • Get replies to the most frequently asked questions.

I’m now certain that with this extensive Aventium Credit Card review, you are able to get the clear picture. Now the ball is in your coat. Is it worth it for you? I will definitely leave that to your own discretion.

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