How to Qualify for Any Credit Card, Even if You Don’t Meet The Qualification Requirements?

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According to our study, Americans’ average number of credit cards has increased from 2.5 to 4. And the trend shows the same – constant increase. People are load with so many promotions, bonuses, offers, and they get card after card.

But this has disadvantages!

  • High credit risk

Too many credit cards lead to high credit risk. Lenders treat you riskier if you have more credit lines.

Note that one credit card of $10,000 is NOT equal to 5 cards with a limit of $2,000.

5 * $2,000 = $10,000

The limit is the same, but you have many credit cards, which increases your credit risk.

One day you will apply for a loan or another credit card, and lenders will tell you – you are risky for us!

  • More fees

It’s obvious that by having more credit cards, you will pay more fees. Some of them are annual. But there are also many other fees, including hidden fees!

We are NOT against having multiple credit cards! However, you should research and find what works best for you instead of getting card after card.

If you like rewards and points, for example, you will pay more interest or annual!

How to choose the right card for you is a long topic that we discuss in other articles. Here we will discuss how to get any credit card, even if you don’t meet its criteria?

How to Hack The Right Credit Card with Low Credit Score?

Before we explain that, we have to discuss another problem.

It’s not only about the right credit card. It’s also about the credit card issuer!

This problem is even more important than the right credit card.

Before you start researching for credit cards, try to identify your best credit card issuer. Go to all big credit card issuers and read more about their credit cards. Then read comments, reviews, and so on.

Finally, pick the best credit card issuer for you.

By having multiple credit cards from one provider, you can expect more special offers, easy approval for products that you don’t qualify for, easy loan approval, and so on.

Issuers want clients! Regular clients.

You should also expect to pay less in fees if you work with only one issuer.

Now, say that you already know who your main issuer will be, and you go and apply for a credit card. But you find that you don’t qualify because of your low credit score or other criteria that you don’t meet.

In this case, get a credit card for bad credit, even if this is not your desired credit card but from this same issuer!

Start building credit history with them, and in time you will qualify for many more products from them.

Many issuers, if you find that you are serious, will start offering you better products.

Your credit score and the history that you build with a certain issuer are different things!

Let’s explain that with one example.

How to Build Credit History with Certain Lender?

Your research and finally find a card that you like.

Do NOT apply directly!

Go to their site and use their pre-qualification tool.

Important! Do NOT apply! Credit card applications are not like loan applications. Lenders typically perform a soft inquiry during the application process, which doesn’t impact your credit score. So, if you are looking for a loan, you can shop around with no problem. Credit card applications are different! Most credit card issuers perform hard inquiries, which hurts your credit score. Applying with too many credit cards at a time can lower your credit score significantly!

Here is how to find whether you qualify for a credit card:

  • Use their pre-qualification tool. Most credit cards have pre-qualification tools. This is a place where you only put your details, and the system evaluates you. This gives you only an idea, will it be possible to have this card in your pocket? Credit card tools don’t perform hard inquiries.
  • If there is no credit card tool, go to the official issuer site and read the specifications. Find out whether you meet them? If no, don’t waste time.
  • Finally, call them, explain your financial situation, and ask.

You perform these steps, and finally, you found that you don’t qualify for this card …

Now what?

You want this card, but you see that your credit score is low.

Apply for another credit card from this same company and start building a credit history.

All companies have credit cards for bad credit. You will find a card that you qualify for.

By managing the credit card correctly, you build your credit score. According to the FICO score, credit cards have the highest impact on your credit score. So, a credit increase wouldn’t delay.

And …

Like we said.

If a credit card issuer finds that you manage the credit card correctly, you build additional trust with them.

But how to manage your credit card correctly?

It’s so easy. The main thing is, pay your minimum on time. You shouldn’t spend more than 30% of the limit, but this is not necessary. And … use your card. Spend money, give back the money, get rewards points, and so on.

How to get the next card?

In most cases, issuers require a certain period of time until they qualify you for a better product. This period of time typically is a few months to a year.

But many people skip one important thing!

They miss calling the credit card issuer!

Do you know that by calling them, they can qualify you even faster!


And this is even if you don’t meet their criteria.

If you are below their criteria, but not significantly, then credit card issuers will approve you faster!

To say it easy – you can’t meet issuer criteria, but you can always hack the reconsideration line!

When Shouldn’t You Use This Strategy?

What would happen if you are unsure whether you will manage your credit card in a great stand?

There are many honest people who would be great clients, but they don’t have money. You have no work for a certain period of time; you are unsure whether you would manage the credit card in a good stand. In this case, you shouldn’t go with your desired issuer because you only destroy your credit history with them.

In this case, it will be better to go with other issuers and build your bad credit history with them.

One day, when you improve your finances, you go with your desired issuer and get the card you want.


Your credit score and the history that you build with a certain issuer are different things!



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