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IdentityProtect Review – Best Protection for Families!

Latest Update:    March 10, 2017



IdentityProtect Logo

Who is IdentityProtect Exactly?

This is not Experian’s protection plan.

It is an identity protection business that came to life in 2014. Since, they have managed to establish a bit of a name but only now are they starting to compete with top players like LifeLock and Identity Guard.

Thankfully, they have the top spots beat … at least for family protection!

This identity theft protection company provider is now — as of April 2016 — even owned by Experian!

They are new to the game, but their deep ties make it clear they are here for the long haul.

With Experian soon powering their identity protection side of things, one could expect they could quickly dominate the market. If players like LifeLock fail to innovate, IdentityProtect could even take lead of the market in the near future.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet …

We need to cover what they offer in each plan first, so you have an idea of what you are dealing with!

What Plans Does IdentityProtect Offer?

They have three plans … ‘Standard’ , ‘Advantage’ , and , ‘Ultimate’

When you join, their plans are labeled as ‘Good’ , ‘Better’ , and , ‘Best’

Signing up for a year, instead of monthly, saves you 10% but requires annual renewals.

Now here’s what each plan offers you …

IdentityProtect Standard Plan

  • Credit monitoring from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  • Ongoing dark Web monitoring
  • Protection of losses up to $10,000

IdentityProtect Advantage Plan

  • Credit monitoring from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  • Access to your TransUnion credit report
  • Ongoing dark Web monitoring
  • Password encryption
  • Protection of losses up to $25,000

IdentityProtect Ultimate Plan

  • Credit monitoring from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  • Access to your credit reports from the three bureaus listed above
  • Ongoing dark Web monitoring
  • Password encryption
  • The option to add family members to your plan
  • Protection of losses up to $1 million

Paying for their comprehensive coverage means you also get access to their great promotional offers supplied through the Affinion Group!

With that said, let’s jump into the brunt of the review — to talk about whether you can trust IdentityProtect and if they are really the best option for you!

Is IdentityProtect a Scam or Not?

They are one of the up-and-coming identity theft protection services, poised to compete with the likes of LifeLock and Identity Guard. But their lack of identity is also a reason for many new consumers to not be able to trust them.

So, what’s the story … do they deserve 100% trust or not?

Well, we figure the best way to answer that is to analyze IdentityProtect completely in whole. This means doing a little background research to see how they came to be and which companies they have had ties with along the way.

Firstly, it is important to note that — as of April 2016 — there is no specific company page for IdentityProtect on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Make sure not to misinterpret “IdentityProtect LLC.” which was accredited in 2012, as this is a different business.

Now onto our research …

The most notable piece of information we found: they are owned by ReporTech, LLC.

ReporTech has been accredited with the BBB since 2014. They have maintained an “A-” rating and have had nine closed complaints since becoming BBB-accredited.

You will not find a BBB page for specifically. This means anyone filing a complaint about IdentityProtect services will have to do so through the ReporTech page.

The domain was purchased for $30,000 off Equifax in 2013. The credit bureau transitioned to use instead.

So the business behind IdentityProtect is backed by real money. This takes away a lot of the concern people have over them being a ‘white label’ service provider. Even though they are reselling coverage, instead of personally financing it all, it does not discredit them at all.

But, as with any identity protection company, you have to be careful about where you could, “feel ripped off,” along the way.

Read the Fine Print

Nothing about screams out, “SCAM!” but you never know for sure from a site’s visual presentation. What matters is how the website really performs for its users. If you want a little perspective on the rough areas, just read the fine print before signing up.

The issue with IdentityProtect services is clear …

New York residents are not able to take advantage of the coverage offered in their identity protection plans.

Thankfully, the insurance feature is always an overshoot with identity theft protection companies. They bolster up big claims, like “$1 million guaranteed coverage,” but the reality is they only end up covering smaller costs. For instance, a $200,000 loss to credit card fraud would be footed by the credit card issuer and not the identity theft protection company.

Watch Out for the Upsells

When you make an account at, you are prompted with the option to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to two different things at the moment.

This includes an upsell for personal loans up to $35,000 and for the potential to own instead of rent your house. Of course, these are generalized offers and 99.99% of the time you can bet you will find a more appropriate financing deal elsewhere.

So, just be aware of what you are getting yourself into — it’s the same when you go for an oil change, just get your oil changed with no extras and you will do just fine!

Know What You Are Paying For

If you see a bad review about protection services, you are not necessarily hearing bad things about this company.

In fact, the biggest misunderstanding about IdentityProtect that people seem to have is they think it’s the same as LifeLock or Identity Guard. That is not the case; what IdentityProtect gives you is different.

So what are you really paying for?

Your subscription cost goes towards paying for a conglomeration of services. Instead of offering proprietary credit monitoring and identity theft protection, they resell different services.

When you go to register a domain name, you could be faced with the same scenario.

You find a trusted domain registrar and pick your name — they even give a nicer price than the actual provider. But in the end, the company you are dealing with is reselling other services.

Unfortunately, you cannot create your own IdentityProtect style package … these particular protection plans are specifically tailored and made available for IdentityProtect to resell.

IdentityProtect vs. LifeLock

We could compare IdentityProtect with Identity Guard, but it’s best to see how they match up against the most elite identity protection service around.

So how do they fair next to LifeLock?

Where IdentityProtect does things better:

  • You do not have to worry about whether their credit monitoring is good; your credit accounts are tracked through TransUnion.
  • Since IdentityProtect is a plan reseller, you get the added backing of CSID’s identity theft protection; this identity theft protection business was just bought out by Experian!
  • You get inside access to great discounts on groceries, hotels, roadside assistance, and more, due to their partnership with the Affinion Group.
  • As a IdentityProtect Ultimate member, your husband or wife AND your children can be added AT NO COST!

Where LifeLock is still a step ahead:

  • Their credit monitoring and identity theft protection plans are both top notch, leaving no concerns about their performance.
  • New York users can still get insurance on their plan through LifeLock’s Certificate of Insurance which applies for all NY users.
  • You can cheaply add-on coverage for your children, which is not an option at IdentityProtect.

We cannot say that IdentityProtect is any better than LifeLock. But, for some, the overall value of a plan with IdentityProtect may make it worthwhile. For starters, any couple or family looking to get protected will save a lot by signing up for IdentityProtect Ultimate.

We calculated the cost of covering a family of four — two adults and two children — through LifeLock, and you were looking at about $70 a month. Therefore, IdentityProtect is $40 a month cheaper than LifeLock for family coverage.

Things can change over time; the recent acquisition of CSID’s identity theft protection company by Experian will definitely shake things up. We may see them take the lead from LifeLock at some point in the future.

But for now, LifeLock is still the #1 choice for Elite Personal Finance readers … however, we would recommend investing in IdentityProtect if you find it the better of the two!

Still not sure which plan to choose when you sign up?

Which IdentityProtect Plan is Right for You?

Before taking advantage of their free 7-day trial offer, decide which protection plan best suits your needs. This will require first figuring out whether you just need identity theft protection, or if you would benefit from credit monitoring as well.

If you just want identity theft protection and not credit monitoring, your two options are the ‘Standard’ and ‘Ultimate’ plans. Now you must ask yourself, is it worth $10 more every single month just to upgrade to their Ultimate plan?

You are picking up credit report access (through TransUnion) and password encryption by doing so. Only in limited circumstances will the financial loss protection help, so having $25,000 instead of $10,000 for loss protection is usually not a big deal.

You will be happy enough with the Standard plan. Add some consideration when choosing your passwords, or get a quality password manager tool. If you want to secure your credit, place a security freeze on your file. Then you will have no worries left.

If you want full coverage, subscribe for IdentityProtect Ultimate!

This plan is literally the best protection you can buy. It even comes with quite a few nice perks, if you go through IdentityProtect.


You can ADD your significant other AND your children FOR FREE!

On this point alone, even quite a few happy LifeLock subscribers might feel inclined to make the switch to IdentityProtect. While we truly admire the depth of the services offered by LifeLock, one could expect they have an increasing amount of pressure to lower prices. This is the result of strong competitors setting new standards, like IdentityProtect has with their one-home, one-plan approach.

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