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Quizzle Review – Get Free Credit Report and Score

EPF Last Update: June 4, 2020

Over the years, many companies have appeared, giving free credit report and score to anyone who enrolled in their service. The service would tend to be a monthly subscription and would trick people into signing up by promising them this free bonus on TV commercials.

The most famous of these had catchy songs played by an acoustic guitar player that sang the Web site link.

However, people became more in tune with this scam and a few services popped up that offered no-strings-attached credit information.

One of the newest entries to this space is, which serves people their free report and score (VantageScore 3.0) every 6 months, as well as immediately upon signing up.

The service, just like a few others, is completely free.

We’re going to review Quizzle and hopefully dismiss any skepticism you may have about it.

If you’re interested in a free score, no credit card needed, check Quizzle out now!

What is Quizzle, Let’s Review Them …? was founded in 2008, at the very beginning of the Great Recession. It was a response to all of the ‘scammy’ free credit report services that advertised on TV.

Their main services are a free credit report and score, which you get as soon as you sign up. You get new ones every six months, completely free. With the free plan, you also get recommendations for credit cards based on what you qualify for.

Quizzle also has some upgraded plans that are very low cost. Pro is only $8/month and Pro+ is $15/month.

Some services they offer in their paid plans are credit builder tools, score comparison, a timeline of how your profile has evolved, and a trend map of your activity and how it affects you going forward.

They also have a blog where you can read articles about how to stay safe, what to do with your credit, and more.

Is Quizzle a Scam or Legit?

Despite what people may think about the old free services from the past decade, Quizzle is NOT a scam. It is legit, and it delivers on exactly what it says it does.

What it DOES NOT do is automatically improve your score, it DOES NOT allow you to qualify for a bigger mortgage or a better credit card, and it DOES NOT clean your credit up for you.

It’s also important to note that you DO NOT get a FICO score from Quizzle. Instead you get a VantageScore 3.0 score, which is based on the FICO formula but it is not exactly what FICO sends to lenders.

This doesn’t mean that the score you get isn’t useful, however: it’s only meant as an approximation. If you apply for a loan and you get denied based on your credit, then your score may have changed.

Use these ONLY AS ROADMAPS to determine how good your credit is, and how well it is improving over time.

Free Credit Report and Score by Quizzle

Their premier selling point is your ability to get a free credit report and score instantly upon signing up. No credit card required, and it’s completely free to use.

Every six months, you will get an updated score and report from, and with it you will be able to see any new credit cards you may be eligible for.

The report they give is from Equifax only, ever since they changed from giving Experian reports.

You can get a free annual report from all 3 bureaus from Annual Credit Report. They do not provide a score, however, so you may still find value in

There’s a lot more to the service than just free reports: there’s also some paid features that you might want to check out.

The Pro Service: Extra Credit Management Services to Get a Perfect Score

Quizzle has some paid services that will enhance the initial free offering and make building and monitoring your credit a little easier.

The Pro version of the service adds some very handy features that can be used to not only track your credit, but steer you in the direction of building a better credit profile and a higher score.

Here are the features you will get with the Pro service:

  • Monthly Reports. Every month, you will get a new, up-to-date credit report that will show any additional changes that happened in the prior month. Most services that offer this cost much more, and this service alone is worth it.
  • Monthly Score. Along with your report, you will get your new VantageScore 3.0 score, so you can see what may have happened in the prior month.
  • 24/7 Monitoring. Quizzle will alert you to any activity, such as past due payments, inquiries, and the opening of new accounts. All of these things can threaten your score and tarnish an otherwise perfect record.
  • Score Analysis. They will show you everything that has changed that may have impacted a change in your score, as well as telling you what may be keeping you back from a perfect 850.
  • Behavior Trends. The service will show you any trends in your payment and your report that may be predicting your score to be the way it is.
  • Timeline. Your Timeline will show the key events that took place in your report, and it will show how each of those events impacted your score and shaped your current profile.
  • Cross-report Comparisons. You can compare two credit reports from different months to see the differences. This way, you can see easily what may have happened to impact your score.

All of these features allow you to see exactly what you need in order to improve your credit so you can take steps to do so.

Pro+: For When You Need Some Protection

Pro has some solid features if you’re only interested in managing your credit… however if you want some basic identity theft and credit protection on top of your management services, Pro+ is there for you.

It costs $15/month, which puts it in league with Privacy Guard and ProtectMyId. It adds some key protection features to the regular Pro, such as:

  • Identity Scan. The Pro+ service scans the Internet for appearances of your name, date of birth, and Social Security number. It also looks for credit cards and bank numbers that may be somewhere on the Web.
  • Monitoring of Public Records. It monitors payday loan records, USPS address records, court and criminal records, and more to see if anyone has committed a crime in your name. It will also check to see if anyone has changed your address. This way you can avoid potential mail fraud.
  • Sex Offender Registry Check. It monitors your immediate area to notify of any convicted sex offenders moving into your neighborhood, as well as checking to make sure anyone isn’t using your identity to commit a crime.
  • Lost Wallet Protection. In case of your wallet going missing or being stolen, you will get assistance in cancelling your cards and getting new ones.
  • $1 Million Insurance. If your identity is stolen or compromised, Quizzle will reimburse you for up to $1 million of the out-of-pocket costs incurred for restoring your good name.
  • Dispute Resolution. Does your credit report have something erroneous on it, or is there something that may have been fraud? Their service allows you to dispute them and resolve any issues that may arise.

For $15/month, you’re already getting your money’s worth with the monitoring services. The identity protection is icing on the cake.

Is There a Quizzle App?

No, there is no Quizzle App available for download. However, the website works perfectly fine on most mobile devices, allowing you to check your credit information anywhere, on the go, anytime.

It’s possible that there may be an app coming out in the future, but for now you can access on your smartphone or tablet.

This is not to be confused with the quiz game of the same name.

Quizzle vs. CreditKarma

CreditKarma is a very popular service that allows you to get an instant free credit report and score direct from their website, just like Quizzle.

They also offer many other things for free that Quizzle does not, such as a way to estimate your odds of getting a certain loan or mortgage, and free credit alerts.

CreditKarma, on its website, has some cool financial calculators that anyone (not just members) can use, as well. They have a list of offers for cards that people may qualify for and they also have some blog posts to help you out.

CreditKarma, however, is very limited by its scope. If you’re willing to pay for Quizzle extra features, it is far more robust than anything CreditKarma is offering.

The main issue with CreditKarma is that it does not provide you with enough to help you improve your credit. Quizzle does this very well… but only if you are okay with paying $8/month. It’s totally worth it, though.

Quizzle vs. CreditSesame

CreditSesame is another competitor that offers a free report and score upon signing up for their service. They are also completely free, but offer a much wider range of services than CreditKarma.

They have the following, all for free:

  • Monthly credit score.
  • Daily alerts to changes to your report.
  • $50k in identity theft insurance.
  • Trending charts.

This is a lot more than most services offer. A free monthly credit score is extremely useful.

However, just like CreditKarma, CreditSesame does not have any optional paid service in case you want more.

The score Sesame gives is also different from the ones you would get from FICO, and even different from your VantageScore 3.0. It’s based on Experian’s score, but it’s not exact and has been reported as being off by up to 50 points.

Quizzle vs. MyFICO

MyFICO is a service that we have reviewed before. It’s FICO primary service, and provides you with your accurate scores. From FICO, you can buy these scores individually at any time for $20 each, from the bureau of your choice.

The main drawback to this service is the price: it’s $30/month for subpar fraud protection and pretty good monitoring. You’re mainly paying for an accurate score that a lender is likely to be seeing.

Quizzle does a lot of what MyFICO does for half the price.

This concludes our Quizzle review. If you would like to read more about the most popular products, check out the rest of our reviews here at Elite Personal Finance!

And please check out Quizzle! Get your FREE credit report and score today with no credit card required!

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