Be Internet Awesome is New Google Game, Teaching Kids to be Safe Online

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An Innovative, Exciting New Program!

Google has recently released a great new game, Be Internet Awesome,” which takes the digital community by storm. The program is designed to help young kids in grades 3 to 5 be smart, alert, and safe online.

Google said: Internet safety is one of the most critical the next generation will face. So we want to teach kids to Be Internet Awesome.

They worked together with digital safety experts to ensure that every aspect of the program addresses what families and educators need to know.

Today It is normal that children access the Internet at a much young age than a few years ago. Google wants to ensure that young kids’ first use of the Internet will be safe and enjoyable.

Be Internet Awesome is designed with various learning fields available, such as resources that teachers can use in class, videos that parents can watch with their kids, and activities that kids can enjoy independently.

Google is keen and hopeful that both schools and parents get involved in the program.

More About Be Internet Awesome

Before we explain, let’s play it!

News, good and bad, travels like wildfire on the Internet, and parents need to be sure that their kids know how to cope online, especially if something disturbs them. The principles stated in Be Internet Awesome is an excellent yardstick for both parents and teachers to use when teaching them how to behave online.

The Be Internet Awesome program has 5 main goals, which is part of the pledge teachers, parents, and kids are required to sign:

  • Be Internet Smart: Share with care. Always think carefully about what you share with others, and sensitive information, such as a home address, and keep other people’s business to yourself.
  • Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for a fake. Be on the alert for phishing and scams which seem too good to be true, and if you are concerned, report suspicious activity.
  • Be Internet Strong: Keep your secrets safe. Take responsibility for your own private information by creating strong, unique passwords, like those with characters, numbers, and symbols. Never give your passwords to anyone.
  • Be Internet Kind: It’s cool to be kind. Be always positive, use the skills you have learned to block, and report negative behaviors or bullying reports.
  • Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out. Have the courage to speak out to a trusted person if you notice any bad behavior and other things making you feel uncomfortable. It takes bravery and courage to be safe when exploring the online world.

These goals can teach kids to make smart decisions if they find themselves in difficult situations, which may have lasting negative effects on young minds. Be Internet Awesome teaches kids the basics of responsible digital behavior as they venture into the Internet.

The Showpiece of The Be Internet Awesome Game

To help kids learn the lessons in a fun way, Google created an interactive, online game called INTERLAND. It’s free, web-based, easily accessible, and in a format that kids love and are familiar with.

It focuses on an imaginary world of four lands, where players combat hackers, phishers, over-sharers, and bullies, which will give them the chance to practice the skills they need to be good digital citizens.

Here are some aspects of the Interland game:

  • In the Tower of Treasure, players need to outwith the hacker and build an untouchable password.
  • Mindful Mountain includes certain tasks and questions designed to avoid over-sharing of personal details such as names and addresses of friends, family, and even medical records.
  • A player must block and report cyber bullies to stop them from spreading negativity in the Kind Kingdom.
  • Reality River is full of dark water where a phisher is lurking, just waiting to deceive and attack. Kids need to use their best judgment skills to avoid danger.

The game is immersive in that it actively engages the senses so that attention is retained for the play’s duration. Because the senses are engaged, the actions and lessons are better retained in the player’s memory.

Children and Identity Theft

Do you know these facts?

  • 70% of children victimized end up with fraudulent credit accounts or loans in their name.
  • 18% of children end up with a utility bill in their name.
  • 5% of victimized children are targeted through mortgages, foreclosures, and other real estate fraud types.
  • 4% of children are defrauded to create fake driver’s licenses, whether for employment, financial fraud, or otherwise.
  • 2% of children find themselves unsuspecting victims of vehicle registration fraud by organized crime circles and devoted criminals.

In fact, kids are a great target for identity theft. That is why we at ElitePersonalFinance work very hard to help parents understand these problems and act fast.

Here is what we have for you:

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Identity Theft SafeGuard – The Most comprehensive guides online on preventing identity theft.

We hope that you will find our resources useful!

How Can Parents Help?

Meaningful conversations that give advice are not always successful with children. They often do not quite understand and are prone to grow bored and edgy. It is also difficult for parents to broach sensitive subjects with their kids, especially those on the Internet.

The Be Internet Awesome game is also an excellent tool to help parents reinforce lessons about Internet safety and appropriate online behavior to make the conversation easier.

Some tips for parents to help keep their kids safe online.

  • Encourage the kids to consider carefully before posting, as once clicked. It cannot be reversed.
  • Show them how to turn on privacy settings and protect personal information.
  • Explain that it is always best to treat others online as they want to be treated.
  • When laying down the kids’ laws, try to be a role model when it comes to your own digital habits.

What it is All About!

It is all about the kids’ safety in the ever-advancing digital age in which we live. Without guidance, with so many negatives, damaging things on the Internet, our kids could grow up to be cyber monsters.

Google’s innovative Be Internet Awesome program, and the dedication of teachers, educators, and parents, will go a long way to ensuring that our young kids learn to be responsible, caring online citizens.



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