Credit Card Identity Theft
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Credit Card Identity Theft

EPF Last Update: April 24, 2015

Am certain that almost everyone has read or at some point hear stories about credit card ID theft. However, if you always keep your cards safely unless you want to use any of them, your chances of losing your identity are very low. Well, this is not 100% guarantee. So, that means that you need to be aware of some of the about card identity.

Firstly, you need to know that crooks stealing your card may not be the only in which you can lose your identity. Before you realize that anything is a miss, your pin number and card details may have been stolen. It is always very simple, the crook can easily copy your name, card number and ID number or even in some cases, observe as you enter your pin number at the ATM (automated teller machine).

It is only when an individual applies for a debit/credit card using your personal information i.e. your name and SSN (social security number) that your identity can be stolen. In most situations, they acquire these information by accessing your mail after which they just have the card sent to their address. The moment they start defaulting payments, the card company will come for you and not them. This can be very devastating as it will greatly affect your credit rating.

Internet Identity Theft

Secondly, it is almost impossible to be completely safe from credit card theft because the cooks are always very knowledgeable in this field and engage in complex modus operandi. And if you think using your PC is much safe, then you are absolutely wrong! If a secret key logger is connected to it, then someone can easily get assess to your personal information stored inside.

Well, for those who don’t know, a key logger is some kind of a spyware used to monitor each and every stroke made in your computer. And the moment to start feeding your computer with your card information maybe to make an online purchase, a record is immediately send to the crook’s computer system. If in any case you don’t have a spyware installed in your computer, then you should make an effort and get one as soon as possible.

Always Watching Your Back

Thirdly, whilst the Internet has conceived numerous golden opportunities for ID thieves, retail stores will always remain to be their favorite target, where they can either steal cards physically, or secretly copy card information of their victims. So, every time you are buying anything from the stores and your credit card is require, make sure you don’t get your eyes off it. Or maybe you can opt to geo to store that let you run your credit card without necessarily giving it to a cashier.  And lastly, if you are making purchases or withdrawing cash from the ATMs always make sure you properly shield yourself when punching in your pin.


Having outlined to you the main realities of credit card ID theft, let’s now look at the six common scenarios of credit card theft. To many people, using a credit card is almost harmless. Continue reading and get an insight of the several small mistakes that can have a major impact.

  1. A Frozen Card is capable of destroying your Future Business Prospects

This is almost unavoidable. The moment your card is frozen and flagged, you will be forced to make large procurements in front of respected people and possible investors. Well you can attest to the fact that nothing is more embarrassing than struggling to even pay a lunch bill for potential clients. And this can go a long in tarnishing your name.

  1. You Can Be Stranded

After having an awesome holiday vacation, you will hand in the bill and sign against your name smiling. Be sure that a frozen or rather depleted funds can dumper the whole voyage. Instead of sauntering to the airport for your next flight, you will be busy on the phone trying to inquire from your card issuer.

  1. Ruined First Date

Yes! The painful truth is that you have to grab the bill especially on your first date to prove that you are worth it. And it is certainly not a good show when the bill is returned and a new means of payment requested. No doubt that chances of ruining your future with the spouse are extremely high. In other words saying, “My card (credit) was frozen” is the latest version of, “I left my wallet in the house or even car.”

  1. Worsens Familial Relations with Your Teenager

This may sound funny but no, it the plain truth; Adolescents are a breed of their own. They cannot be compared to real people. You will agree with me that paying for your teenager to go to the movies can be the best way of getting a few hours of rest. With a frozen credit card, your teen gets more ammunition on his quest to brand you as “the most frustrating parent.”

  1. Be Confident When Emergencies Happen

One of the top advantages of having a credit card is that you can easily pay for your emergencies. And you all agree that the last person you really want to call when there is an emergency is a customer service representative from the fraud department because your card has been frozen.

  1. Avoid the Glare especially during Small Transactions

Other store clerks really understand, but some generally have hatred the public and no doubt that your credit related issues can worsen the situation. It is very wise to stay away from the morning glare from a furious barista after realizing that your card has been frozen. Always start your day on a good note and focus on things that will grow you.

Mitigate the Chances of Identity Theft

The good thing about scenarios associated with credit card theft is that it’s very flexible. At best, you will only escape with a headache. But can turn out to be extremely costly at their worst.

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