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Identity Theft

Identity Theft (Hacking and Fake Profiles)

Credit Card Information Skimming Device

What is identity theft? Identity theft is basically when a person pretends to be somebody else, without that individual’s permission or knowledge to either benefit or cause harm.  An identity thief normally takes on another individual’s identity by using their sensitive personal information, which basically includes the person’s address, name, ...

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Are Digital Wallets Safe?

Best Cashback Reward Credit Cards

Digital wallets are still a relatively unknown payment method among many households, they are increasing in prevalence every year.  In the near future, some experts predict that digital wallets will also replace paying for in-store purchases with cash or swiping a credit card.  As the world becomes more digital and ...

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Identity Theft Protection Features Reviewed – What Actually These Companies Really Offer?

Identity Theft Protection Features Explained in Detail

Latest Update:    March 10, 2017 Have you been thinking about investing in identity theft protection? If so, you might have spent a few hours scavenging the Web to find out which company is the best. Chances are you found yourself signing up for LifeLock, but you still likely don’t know exactly what these ...

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Why Supercookies Are Not as Tasty as They Sound

safe credit card PayPal transaction

One mobile carrier in America now allows consumers to opt out of being tracked by “supercookies,” which can be used by hackers to abuse consumers’ identities. A super cookie is actually a unique kind of browser cookie specially intended to be permanently stored on a consumer’s PC. Companies and organizations ...

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