Best Places to Raise a Family in Oklahoma 2020

EPF Last Update: June 7, 2020

Oklahoma is located in the South Central region of the United States, with the most part of it lying in the U.S. Interior Highlands, Great Plains, and Cross Timbers. It is also called the Sooner State, referring to the period when white settlers claimed the best pieces of land before the official opening of the state.

There are almost 4,000,000 people living in Oklahoma, which puts it in the lower half of all states, or as the 28th most populous state, to be precise. The capital is Oklahoma City, which has over 600,000 residents.

The landscape of Oklahoma includes mountain ranges, mesas, forests and prairie, which provides great conditions for agriculture. In fact, this state is among the best in cattle and wheat production.

Ranking Criteria

Once again, ElitePersonalFinance extracted data from the most accurate and latest sources, FBI Crime Report, to determine crime rates. Additional considered criteria include education, cultural scene, and recreational areas.

Best Places to Raise a Family in Oklahoma 2020


Yukon is a town with 26,971 residents located in Canadian County. You might wonder why there is Canadian County in the middle of the US. This area was home to people who went to Canada back during the gold rush. As a matter of fact, Yukon was named after the Yukon River in Alaska. This town offers good preschool to secondary school education, with even children not living in it coming to school here. Cultural diversity is very prominent due to the fact that there is a large community of Czech people, who are known for being hospitable and warm. This gives Yukon a special vibe and a rather interesting background.


Located in Wagoner County, Coweta is a suburb of Tulsa. The population of this town, which was first settled in 1840, is 9,718. Coweta offers education for children starting from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade, so your child will be well off going to school here, since this is the largest school district in all Wagoner County. Production of grain has always been very important for the industry of Coweta, which is understandable with regards to Oklahoma industry n general.


Blanchard is situated in McClain and Grady counties, with a population of 8,649. This is almost three times larger population than it had in 2000, which already gives us a sign that there’s something really good about this town. Apart from primary and secondary schools, there is Blanchard High School, which is home to many successful sports teams who won state championships in football, baseball, basketball, softball, etc. There are numerous recreational areas and festivals in Blanchard, such as May Daze.


The population of this town is 7,738, which is more than a 50% increase from 2000. Most of Piedmont is located in Canadian County (well done, Canadian County) and partly in Kingfisher County. It is included in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area. Similar to Blanchard, Piedmont also has great high school sports teams who have won state championships consecutively. This will be a great advantage for all the parents who want their children to do sports.


Home to 2,848 people, this little town is situated in Greer County. Cultural attractions of Mangum include Old Greer County Museum, Pioneer Hall of Fame, as well as Margaret Carter Library, which includes a genealogy section too. When it comes to interesting events, Mangum organizes Rattlesnake Derby each year in April.

Those are the best five places to raise a family in Oklahoma. As you can see, most of them are small, which is exactly what you might want for your family because those are usually the safest places.

If you want to suggest a city or town that we could include in our list, feel free to post it in the comments below.

You can also send us original images of these 5 places! We can post them and that way, your favorite town will look way better on our website.


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