Safest Places to Live in Nevada 2020

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Nevada is a state located in the western part of the United States. It is the 7th most extensive but the 9th least densely populated state. It is the 34th most populous state, with almost 3 million residents. The capital is Carson City, while the largest city is, of course, Las Vegas, which has around 600,000 residents.

Nevada is also known as the Silver State due to the importance of silver for its economy. Nevada borders Oregon, California, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah. Desert occupies most of the Nevada area, so around 75% of the population of Nevada lives in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas-Paradise Metropolitan area.

At the middle of the 20th century, Nevada was the least populated state. However, gambling legalization and lenient marriage and divorce resulted in its population increasing more than in any other state since the mid-20th century. Of course, tourism is the most lucrative field in Nevada, followed by mining and gold mining.

In the period from 2016 to 2017, Nevada considerably decreased its violent crime rate by 16.3%%, which is an 18.0% drop per 100,000 people. Nevertheless, Nevada is not a very safe state if we consider crime score in its safest places.

Ranking Criteria

ElitePersonalFinance extracted the latest data from the FBI crime statistics in the United States. We took violent crime as the main criteria. To get our score, we used this formula:

Crime Score = ( Total Number of Violent Crimes / Population ) * 1,000

This way, cities that are the safest got the lowest score and those that are more vulnerable to crime got higher scores.

The cities that did not report crimes to the FBI were not included in the list, as well as cities with a population under 3,000.

10 Safest Places in Nevada 2020

Rank City Population Total Number of Crimes Crime Score
1 Boulder City 16112 13 0,81
2 Winnemucca 7832 10 1,28
3 Mesquite 19055 32 1,68
4 Henderson 309586 583 1,88
5 Elko 20764 95 4,58
6 Sparks 102354 508 4,96
7 Las Vegas 1644390 9949 6,05
8 Reno 252341 1636 6,48
9 North Las Vegas 246951 2386 9,66
10 West Wendover 4290 42 9,79

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Crime Score in All Cities in Nevada 2020

In case your city didn’t make our list, you can take a look at our full list of Nevada cities.

It is obvious that we can’t compare crime rates in small and large cities. That’s why ElitePersonalFinance made a detailed analysis and narrowed the results according to population segments:

  • Under 10,000 Residents
  • 10,000 – 100,000 Residents
  • Over 100,000 Residents

(Other sites don’t include places with under 3,000 residents, but we included them.)

These are the results that we got:

Under 10,000 Residents

Rank City Population Total Number of Crimes Crime Score
1 Winnemucca 7832 10 1,28
2 Lovelock 1775 11 6,20
3 West Wendover 4290 42 9,79
4 Carlin 2319 35 15,09

10,000 – 100,000 Residents

Rank City Population Total Number of Crimes Crime Score
1 Boulder City 16112 13 0,81
2 Mesquite 19055 32 1,68
3 Elko 20764 95 4,58

Over 100,000 Residents

Rank City Population Total Number of Crimes Crime Score
1 Henderson 309586 583 1,88
2 Sparks 102354 508 4,96
3 Las Vegas 1644390 9949 6,05
4 Reno 252341 1636 6,48
5 North Las Vegas 246951 2386 9,66

How safe do you feel?

Is your city safe enough? Are you worried because of the crime rate in your town? Do you have any thoughts on safety levels in the country?

If you want to share anything, feel free to leave a comment. That way, you can help us understand your perspective better.

Thank you!



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