Best Places to Live in The US of February 2024

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We all want to say that we live in a great state, city, or town. We all like to show off by saying how safe our city is, how vibrant our state is, but the truth is different. Sometimes we disregard the facts about our home country or hometown. Not every place can offer an all-around quality of life to its residents.

However, certain places in the United States provide all that one needs to have in one’s life: safety, cultural scene, economic growth, good education, etc.

ElitePersonalFinance decided to make a list of such places to help you find the best place that you have been dreaming of for a long time. When deciding on the best places to live, we considered certain criteria: safety, economic growth, education, and cultural scene.

We invite you to look at our list of the best places to live in the United States.

Redmond, WA

Located in King County, within Seattle Metropolitan Area and only 16 miles from Seattle, Redmond has a great location for people who want to live close to, but not exactly in a big city. This town saw a 33% population increase from 2000 to 2010 (60,560), showing its likability. Today, the population of Redmond stands at 63,889.

Microsoft and Nintendo of America have headquarters in Redmond and provide a stable economic climate, which, in turn, attracts new investments to this city. Physical activity, especially bicycling, has been increasingly popular here, more or less as in the entire State of Washington.

However, Redmond can be proud of having the only velodrome in the state. It also offers numerous parks and recreational areas where its residents can enjoy spending time in nature.

Hutto, TX

Located in Texas’s central region, in Williamson County and only 22 miles (30 minutes drive) away from Austin, this town had 14,698 residents in 2010. However, in 2018, its population was 25,283, which is more than a 66% increase.

Hutto can be proud of its education system. With ten schools and an Eastern Williamson County Higher Education Center college, this town provides a solid education for different career paths.

A rather intriguing fact about Hutto is the median age of its population. Around 35.0% of people are under the age of 18. On the other hand, only 7.0% of its residents are 65 years old or older. A fascinating fact is that the median age of Hutto is 29 years, which makes Hutto a very young town, and even more attractive for all the young people who are contemplating the best place to live.

Fremont, CA

Now, this town’s population is larger than those of most other cities on this list. Fremont is located in Alameda County, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has 236,368 people, making it the fourth most populous city.

The city’s economic climate is great, and the biggest employer is the Tesla Factory, with around 6,000 employees in 2016. Fremont has diverse cultural, recreational, and educational possibilities. Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth, Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area, Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, Bay Area campus of the University of Phoenix, and Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont offers a range of high-quality facilities and institutions that can make everyone’s life more fulfilled.

Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert is a town in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, located in Maricopa County, in the southeast valley of the Greater Phoenix area. An incredible fact about this town’s population is that it increased from over 5,000 in 1980 to stunning 208,453 in 2010, 40 times more residents. The current population is 242,090.

Despite such a rapid increase, the town has maintained a peaceful and quiet suburban atmosphere, which can be a great feature to all who dream about a house with a garage, neat lawn, and white fence. The climate is rather hot, a paradise for all those summer people who dislike wearing coats and boots. Also, Gilbert is well-known for its low crime levels. According to the FBI, it was the largest town in the US with no murders in 2005, 2007, and 2014.

Kennesaw, GA

Kennesaw is another town on this list with a relatively low population (34,154). It is located in Cobb County, 27 miles away from Atlanta. A playground for turbulent events during the Civil War contains many historic landmarks, such as the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Kennesaw has been a recipient of numerous awards, and in 2007 was included in 10 best towns for families in the US by Family Circle magazine. Moreover, Kennesaw State University and several elementary, middle, and high schools provide a great education to all students and are definitely a great asset to this town.

Buckeye, AZ

This town is located only about 30 miles away from Phoenix. For someone who has never been to Arizona, this might not sound as ‘only,’ but trust us on this one, when you get onto an Arizona highway, you can get to Phoenix in a blink of an eye. As a matter of fact, Buckeye is one of the suburbs in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Buckeye’s population increased 10 times over the past sixteen years, from around 6,500 in 2,000 to an estimated 67,147 residents in 2018. Ten times! This is an amazing fact, and it shows how quickly Buckeye has been growing. Read the following information carefully.

The climate in Arizona is hot and dry, and the town of Buckeye is no exception. However, when you get used to it, you will definitely enjoy the all-year-long sunshine.

There are recreation areas around the town called Buckeye Hills Recreation Area and Skyline Regional Park, which offer much space for hiking, equestrian sports, mountain biking, picnic, and camping.

Erie, CO

This little town is about half an hour away from Denver, which makes its location rather attractive. Its population rose from 6,291 in the year 2000 to 18,135 in 2010. The estimated population for 2018 is 23,660, which is almost four times more than eighteen years ago. This information alone is a great proof of this town’s safety and attractiveness.

Erie Community Center offers many activities and programs for people of all ages. Here you can enjoy developing your body (pool, gym, courts, parks) and spirit (various classes and activities).

Education is another thing that Erie can be proud of. It can provide good education to all those children who spend their early years here with numerous schools.

The cultural scene is rather vibrant, and everybody can find something to suit their needs. Visual and performing art programs occur at the Art Center of Erie, and Erie Community Center and High Plains Library offer a range of programs.

Lakeville, MN

Lakeville is located around 20 miles from Twin Cities and is home to 62,958 people. It is a very safe town, with only 23 violent crimes registered in 2015. After numerous lakes, such as Lake Marion and Orchard Lake, the city got its name and many water bodies stretching across it. Even though a traditionally agricultural city, the industry has been a major branch as well. The Airlake Industrial Park hosts around 200 companies and an estimated 4,500 employees being only one example. Lakeville has many parks, recreational areas, courts, trails, nature areas, and swimming beaches, obviously very attractive for those who live a healthy lifestyle.

Parma, OH

With 79,340 residents, Parma is the largest suburb of Cleveland and the seventh-largest city in the State of Ohio. It is located in Cuyahoga County and so close to Cleveland that you can actually see the Cleveland Skyline when driving on Parma roads. The city is famous for its safety and was awarded by Neighborhood Scout in 2014 as the third safest US city with a population of 25,000 or more. Furthermore, this city was safer in the same year than 90% of places in the United States. Many commercial districts, such as The Shoppes at Parma, Ukrainian Village, and Polish Village.

West Richland, WA

This town is home to 14,603 people and is situated in Benton County. As a part of Richland, it constitutes the Tri-Cities, together with Kennewick and Pasco. It is a very safe town, with only 12 violent crimes recorded in 2015. The town’s economy has been steadily growing. SSC North America is one of the largest businesses settled in this area that ensure that the town remains a great pick for everyone who wants to settle in a small and safe American town.

Marana, AZ

Located in Pima County and Pinal County, northwest of Tuscon, this town is home to 45,123 people. The population of Marana has been growing extremely fast, making this town the fourth fastest-growing place in the State of Arizona. Again, safety is high in Marana, which had only 30 violent crimes in 2015. Based on archaeological findings, the territory of modern Marana was settled as early as 4,200 years ago. There are 16 very competitive schools in this town, so there is no fear about the quality of education offered.

Sahuarita, AZ

Sahuarita is actually only 42 miles away from Marana, and these two towns together make up a very safe and attractive territory for both current and prospective residents. There are 29,373 residents in this town, which is located in Pima County. Sahuarita takes pride in its safety levels, and rightfully so. There were only 13 violent crimes in this town in 2015.

As you can see, all of these places have great things to offer, and if you choose one of them to be your town, you will certainly make a great choice.

If you think we should include another town on this list, please share it in the comments below.