Safest Places to Live in Idaho of April 2024

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Idaho is located in the northwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Its northern part touches the Canadian province of British Columbia. This state’s nickname, the Gem State, indicates its reputation for gemstones and numerous wilderness areas.

With slightly under 1.7 million residents, Idaho is the 39th most populous state. Its capital and largest city is Boise, which is home to over 220,000 people. The territory of modern Idaho used to be a land of Native American people. After some turbulence, Idaho became a state relatively late, in 1890.

Idaho’s economy relies on manufacturing, agriculture, mining, forestry, and tourism. Idaho National Laboratory is the largest Department of Energy facility in the entire United States. Still, Idaho is best known for its potato crop, which is so big that it represents around 33% of the nationwide yield.

Ranking Criteria

ElitePersonalFinance extracted the latest data from the FBI crime statistics in the United States. We took violent crime as the main criteria. To get our score, we used this formula:

Crime Score = ( Total Number of Violent Crimes / Population ) * 1,000

This way, safer cities got the lowest score, and those more vulnerable to crimes got higher scores.

The cities that did not report crimes to the FBI and those under 5,000 residents were not included in the list.

10 Safest Places in Idaho of April 2024

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Weiser5 36900,00
2Rexburg29 10960,21
3Moscow26 01870,27
4Fruitland5 47230,55
5Rupert5 79140,69
6Rathdrum8 96880,89
7Preston5 53350,90
8Lewiston32 931421,28
9Middleton8 395111,31
10Meridian111 1961771,59

Crime Score in All Cities in Idaho of April 2024

If your city didn’t make our list, you could see our full list of Idaho cities.

We can’t compare crime rates in small and large cities. That’s why ElitePersonalFinance made a detailed analysis and narrowed the results according to population segments:

  • Under 3,000 Residents
  • 3,000 – 30,000 Residents
  • Over 30,000 Residents

(Other sites don’t include places with under 3,000 residents, but we included them.)

These are the results that we got:

Under 3,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
2Bonners Ferry2 60610,38
3Pinehurst1 61610,62
4Osburn1 54910,65
6Sun Valley1 48221,35
7Ponderay1 14521,75
8Challis1 08721,84
9Wendell2 70751,85
10Kellogg2 11741,89
11Spirit Lake2 59651,93
12Montpelier2 51451,99
13Aberdeen1 94642,06
14Bellevue2 44172,87
15Priest River1 86863,21
16Parma2 15273,25
17Ketchum2 843124,22
18Ashton1 05265,70

3,000 – 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Weiser5 36900,00
2Rexburg29 10960,21
3Shelley4 42310,23
4Moscow26 01870,27
5American Falls4 35420,46
6Fruitland5 47230,55
7Heyburn3 46020,58
8Gooding3 45720,58
9Rupert5 79140,69
10Rigby4 22530,71
11Rathdrum8 96880,89
12Preston5 53350,90
13St. Anthony3 57241,12
14Kimberly4 05251,23
15Middleton8 395111,31
16Sandpoint8 873161,80
17Grangeville3 20572,18
18Soda Springs3 02972,31
19Hailey8 575202,33
20Chubbuck15 490372,39
21Payette7 535233,05
22Blackfoot11 938423,52
23Jerome11 921423,52
24Emmett6 950253,60
25Buhl4 440163,60
26McCall3 541133,67
27Mountain Home14 476543,73
28Garden City12 033534,40
29Salmon3 141175,41

Over 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Lewiston32 931421,28
2Meridian111 1961771,59
3Post Falls35 649681,91
4Coeur d’Alene52 2561322,53
5Idaho Falls62 0881722,77
6Boise231 3146492,81
7Nampa98 2083063,12
8Caldwell57 9402033,50
9Twin Falls50 4632013,98
10Pocatello56 5142334,12

How safe do you feel?

Is your city safe enough? Are you worried because of the crime rate in your town? Do you have any thoughts on safety levels in the country?

If you want to share anything, feel free to leave a comment. That way, you can help us understand your perspective better.

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