Safest Places to Live in Indiana of June 2024

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Indiana is a state situated in the Midwestern region of the United States. It borders Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south and southeast, and Illinois to the West.

With a population of over 660,000, Indiana is the 17th most populous state in the United States. The capital and the largest city is Indianapolis, which has around 850,000 residents. Other major cities are Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Bloomington, etc.

Before becoming a state and being claimed by the settlers, Indiana was home to many indigenous Native American peoples for millennia. Today, this state has a diverse economy, covering many fields, such as agriculture, business, manufacturing, tourism, etc.

Sport is trendy in Indiana, as this state is home to NFL team Indianapolis Colts and NBA team Indiana Pacers.

Ranking Criteria

ElitePersonalFinance extracted the latest data from the FBI crime statistics in the United States. We took violent crime as the main criteria. To get our score, we used this formula:

Crime Score = ( Total Number of Violent Crimes / Population ) * 1,000

This way, safer cities got the lowest score, and those more vulnerable to crimes got higher scores.

The cities that did not report crimes to the FBI and those under 5,000 residents were not included in the list.

10 Safest Places in Indiana of June 2024

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Zionsville27 63040,14
2St. John18 47840,22
3Crown Point30 34170,23
4Carmel95 388300,31
5Westfield43 212160,37
6New Whiteland6 24230,48
7Noblesville64 567320,50
8Fishers95 506510,53
9Sellersburg8 94950,56
10Chesterton13 92990,65

Crime Score in All Cities in Indiana of June 2024

If your city didn’t make our list, you could see our full list of Indiana cities.

We can’t compare crime rates in small and large cities. That’s why ElitePersonalFinance made a detailed analysis and narrowed the results according to population segments:

  • Under 3,000 Residents
  • 3,000 – 10,000 Residents
  • 10,000 – 30,000 Residents
  • Over 30,000 Residents

(Other sites don’t include places with under 3,000 residents, but we included them.)

These are the results that we got:

Under 3,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Loogootee2 71772,58
2Fairmount2 75493,27
3Hagerstown1 670116,59

3,000 – 10,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Ligonier4 37110,23
2New Whiteland6 24230,48
3Sellersburg8 94950,56
4Columbia City9 203121,30
5Plymouth9 872131,32
6Ellettsville6 731101,49
7Porter4 82181,66
8Tipton5 07491,77
9Cumberland5 894111,87
10Portland6 069121,98
11Rensselaer5 820122,06
12Westville5 619122,14
13Whitestown9 810222,24
14Hartford City5 716152,62
15Elwood8 379242,86
16Edinburgh4 590296,32
17Clinton4 701428,93

10,000 – 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Zionsville27 63040,14
2St. John18 47840,22
3Chesterton13 92990,65
4Griffith15 957110,69
5Highland22 220190,86
6Bluffton10 13490,89
7Greenfield22 800210,92
8Munster22 412220,98
9Hobart27 880391,40
10Brownsburg27 005401,48
11Seymour19 941412,06
12Bedford13 271282,11
13New Haven15 821472,97
14Jasper15 629483,07
15Speedway12 202383,11
16Franklin25 443943,69
17Marion27 8291033,70
18Crawfordsville16 136654,03
19La Porte21 5571165,38
20Clarksville21 6301185,46
21East Chicago27 7172017,25
22Shelbyville19 3621467,54

Over 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Crown Point30 34170,23
2Carmel95 388300,31
3Westfield43 212160,37
4Noblesville64 567320,50
5Fishers95 506510,53
6West Lafayette49 154320,65
7Columbus47 991671,40
8Plainfield35 317501,42
9Merrillville34 724501,44
10Greenwood59 797971,62
11Portage36 800731,98
12Jeffersonville47 7231142,39
13Lawrence49 4321783,60
14Fort Wayne269 3669743,62
15Hammond75 2013154,19
16Anderson54 8992424,41
17Lafayette72 5853524,85
18Gary74 6874145,54
19Evansville117 7007216,13
20Kokomo57 8453926,78
21South Bend101 9441 35713,31

How safe do you feel?

Is your city safe enough? Are you worried because of the crime rate in your town? Do you have any thoughts on safety levels in the country?

If you want to share anything, feel free to leave a comment. That way, you can help us understand your perspective better.

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