Best Places to Raise a Family in The US 2022

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There comes a time in each person’s life when they begin thinking about starting a family. This always evokes vivid images of a nice house and front yard with a lawn and white fence in our imagination. Everything seems so perfect, children coming back from school to hug their parents, sitting on the porch reading books…

Reality check.

Not each place in the United States can provide such an idyllic picture. Similar to differences in safety levels across the country regarding identity theft and fraud, some places are safer raising a family than others.

ElitePersonalFinance carefully crafted a  list of best places to raise a family for all the people, asking themselves where to take this essential step in their life journey and find the safest environment for their beloved ones.

Ranking Criteria

Elite Personal Finance extracted data from the FBI Crime Report. Then we analyzed the data and made a list of top places to raise a family.

As you will see in our list below, all the safest places have a rather small population.

But why so?

As you could read in some of the previous EPF articles, the Safest States and Safest Cities in the US by Identity Theft 2022, states with more population and, more importantly, more metropolitan urban areas are significantly more vulnerable to identity theft than smaller towns.

Of course, safety was our primary ranking factor, but we considered other factors as well. We also pay attention to the community, employment opportunities, education, cultural scene, etc.

That being said, we present.

Best Places to Raise a Family 2022

Erie, CO

This little town is about half an hour away from Denver, which makes its location rather attractive. Its population rose from 6,291 in the year 2000 to 18,135 in 2010. The present population is 23,660, which is almost four times more than eighteen years ago. This information alone is a great proof of this town’s safety and attractiveness.

Erie Community Center offers many activities and programs for people of all ages. Here you can enjoy developing your body (pool, gym, courts, parks) and spirit (various classes and activities).

Education is another thing that Erie can be proud of. It can provide good education to all those children who spend their early years here with numerous schools.

The cultural scene is rather vibrant, and everybody can find something to suit their needs. Visual and performing art programs occur at the Art Center of Erie, and Erie Community Center and High Plains Library offer a range of programs.

Hutto, TX

Austin is just 22 miles or 30 minutes away from this beautiful town in Williamson County, Texas’s central part. Its population in 2010 was 14,698, and the estimation for 2018 is 25,283, which is more than a 66% increase.

Hutto has ten schools and even a college named Eastern Williamson County Higher Education Center, which offers a range of courses for different career paths. This is something Hutto can definitely boast about.

Interestingly, about 35% of people under 18 and only 7% of those aged 65 or older make the median age of Hutto 29 years. Everybody will agree that this is a rather young town, making it even more attractive for people who think about starting a family there.

Franklin, TN

Located in Tennessee’s heart, in Williamson County, this city is only 21 miles away from Nashville. With a population of 76,995, it is a rather big town, the seventh biggest in Tennessee.

There are a large number of businesses in the town, which makes getting a job rather easy. Franklin can offer young people education to set them on the right path with many high-quality schools and several colleges, such as Belmont University and Columbia State Community College.

Being so close to Nashville makes Franklin’s cultural scene very rich and dynamic. Festivals are very typical of this town. Each year, four traditional festivals (Main Street Festival, Wine Down Main Street, Pumpkinfest, and Dickens of a Christmas) make the people get out in the street and enjoy the atmosphere with their fellow residents.

Buckeye, AZ

This town is located only about 30 miles away from Phoenix. For someone who has never been to Arizona, this might not sound as ‘only,’ but trust us on this one, when you get onto an Arizona highway, you can get to Phoenix in a blink of an eye. As a matter of fact, Buckeye is one of the suburbs in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Read the following information carefully: Buckeye’s population increased 10 times over the past sixteen years, from around 6,500 in 2000 to an estimated 67,147 residents in 2018. Ten times! This is an amazing fact, and it shows how quickly Buckeye has been growing.

The climate in Arizona is hot and dry, and the town of Buckeye is no exception. However, when you get used to it, you will definitely enjoy the all-year-long sunshine.

There are recreation areas around the town called Buckeye Hills Recreation Area and Skyline Regional Park, which offer much space for hiking, equestrian sports, mountain biking, picnic, and camping.

Round Rock, TX

With a population of 124,617, this town is definitely one of the most populated on our list. The biggest part of it is situated in Williamson County. As a matter of fact, Round Rock is a neighbor of Hutto.

It is beautiful in terms of economic growth, tax rates, and employment opportunities. Dell’s headquarters and the presence of other businesses such as IKEA will give this city the title of the rising star city for years to come.

Round Rock has a rich history, dating back to prehistoric ages, according to some evidence. Apart from that, it has always been a crossroads for major social changes in this part of the country.

There are 32 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, 5 high schools, and 2 alternative learning centers for education. There are also numerous universities and colleges here, such as the Texas State University Round Rock Campus.

The city can take pride in its sports scene, with its most prominent representative is the Round Rock Express baseball team, a Pacific Coast League minor league member. Also, this city is a self-proclaimed Texas sports capital, which is not a thing to underestimate.




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