Safest Places to Live in New Mexico of April 2024

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New Mexico is a state located in the southwestern region of the United States. It borders Utah, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and a part of Mexico to the south.

New Mexico became a state very late, in 1912. Before that, it was home to Native Americans, and it was a Spanish colony. After this, it was a part of independent Mexico but became a part of the US after the Mexican-American War. This is the reason why New Mexico has the highest percentage of the Hispanic population of all states. Likewise, its culture is a mix of Native American, Spanish, Mexican and American cultures.

With over 2 million residents, New Mexico is the 36th most populous state. It is also the fifth-largest state by area and the sixth least densely populated of all states. The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe, while the largest city is Albuquerque, which has 560,000 residents.

Ranking Criteria

ElitePersonalFinance extracted the latest data from the FBI crime statistics in the United States. We took violent crime as the main criteria. To get our score, we used this formula:

Crime Score = ( Total Number of Violent Crimes / Population ) * 1,000

This way, safer cities got the lowest score, and those more vulnerable to crimes got higher scores.

The cities that did not report crimes to the FBI and those under 3,000 residents were not included in the list.

10 Safest Places in New Mexico of April 2024

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Lovington11 322121,06
2Milan3 63241,10
3Corrales8 715121,38
4Rio Rancho99 3591891,90
5Raton5 939162,69
6Taos5 963193,19
7Edgewood6 161203,25
8Alamogordo31 8321093,42
9Anthony9 284323,45
10Truth or Consequences5 791203,45

Crime Score in All Cities in New Mexico of April 2024

If your city didn’t make our list, you could see our full list of New Mexico cities.

We can’t compare crime rates in small and large cities. That’s why ElitePersonalFinance made a detailed analysis and narrowed the results according to population segments:

  • Under 3,000 Residents
  • 3,000 – 30,000 Residents
  • Over 30,000 Residents

(Other sites don’t include places with under 3,000 residents, but we included them.)

These are the results that we got:

Under 3,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Taos Ski Valley6900,00
4Texico1 07800,00
5Dexter1 23600,00
6Mesilla1 82600,00
7Eunice2 99710,33
8Estancia1 58610,63
9Clayton2 69131,11
11Questa1 75331,71
12Angel Fire1 07221,87
13Capitan1 41732,12
14Tularosa2 98872,34
15Hurley1 18132,54
16Moriarty1 79252,79
17Santa Clara1 76552,83
21San Ysidro19915,03
22Lordsburg2 385125,03
23Jal2 097146,68
24Santa Rosa2 639186,82
25Ruidoso Downs2 575197,38
27Bayard2 137209,36
28Hatch1 605169,97

3,000 – 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Lovington11 322121,06
2Milan3 63241,10
3Corrales8 715121,38
4Raton5 939162,69
5Taos5 963193,19
6Edgewood6 161203,25
7Anthony9 284323,45
8Truth or Consequences5 791203,45
9Sunland Park18 103653,59
10Ruidoso7 826313,96
11Portales11 675554,71
12Bosque Farms3 809184,73
13Artesia12 366655,26
14Grants8 937495,48
15Peralta3 586226,13
16Bernalillo10 353858,21
17Deming14 0111359,64
18Los Lunas15 92920512,87
19Gallup21 93543719,92
20Belen7 09414420,30

Over 30,000 Residents

Rank:City:Population:Total Number of Crimes:Crime Score:
1Rio Rancho99 3591891,90
2Alamogordo31 8321093,42
3Las Cruces103 5205144,97
4Clovis38 7342616,74
5Roswell47 5334048,50
6Albuquerque561 9207 59613,52

How safe do you feel?

Is your city safe enough? Are you worried because of the crime rate in your town? Do you have any thoughts on safety levels in the country?

If you want to share anything, feel free to leave a comment. That way, you can help us understand your perspective better.

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