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Safest US States By Fraud and Scams 2017

Residents in some states are more vulnerable to identity theft, fraud and scams according to a review of federal data by Elite Personal Finance.  There were 3,050,374 complaints in the U.S., data from the Federal Trade Commission in 2016.   Total Numbers of Companies   Total Numbers of Complains by Crime ...

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Types of The Most Common Loan Scams

Are you constantly solicited by loan lenders who constantly promise you the best rate along with service? Small business lending can be a lucrative business, so loan officers are constantly looking for sales. As a small business owner, you’ll likely have financing needs to grow your business. Thus, you should ...

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Biggest Financial Adviser Scams

What do you do when you hear the term, “financial adviser”? This term is nebulous and includes everything to insurance agents, tax preparers, from fiduciary fee only advisers. Most financial advisers are honest, competent professionals, while others are dishonest and have severe conflicts of interest. However, you must know common ...

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