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Beware of the Online Shopping Scam!

Credit Freeze vs Fraud Alert vs Monitoring

A prime time for scammers. The holiday season is a prime time for scammers as people become preoccupied with gift-buying, families, and festivities. It would seem that when it comes to all the busyness of the holidays, people tend let their guards down and fall prey to fraud. The proliferation ...

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Identity Theft (Hacking and Fake Profiles)

Credit Card Information Skimming Device

What is identity theft? Identity theft is basically when a person pretends to be somebody else, without that individual’s permission or knowledge to either benefit or cause harm.  An identity thief normally takes on another individual’s identity by using their sensitive personal information, which basically includes the person’s address, name, ...

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Here’s How to Use Money Orders Safely

Money Order Fraud and Scams to Lookout For

Money orders are by far not the most popular money tool today but they can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. Whether you need to send a long distance secure payment to reserve a Craigslist sale or provide a relative some emergency cash, money orders are still very ...

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Are Digital Wallets Safe?

Best Cashback Reward Credit Cards

Digital wallets are still a relatively unknown payment method among many households, they are increasing in prevalence every year.  In the near future, some experts predict that digital wallets will also replace paying for in-store purchases with cash or swiping a credit card.  As the world becomes more digital and ...

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